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Be the pride and reputation of this dining establishment as a Chef who's innovative with food!

Rabbits and Pigs Huat Pte Ltd

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  • Chua Bao Zeng

What we do

The name “Little Rogue” came about as we are inspired by the cheekiness of our little children and spurred on to start our business with them in mind.

Our Head Chef dreamed of being a chef since he was young. He chose the logo of a bird which represents freedom, independence and always being ready to soar. And here we are, setting off to meet all of you with our food creation and speciality coffee!

Why we do

We hope that all the passionate people in the F&B industry can work together to serve our customers!

How we do

We pride ourselves serving food and beverages which are fresh, safe for children's consumption from a clean kitchen.

As a new team member

We are on the lookout for a CHEF with a Passion for Food!

We love working with people who have a passion for food and cooking.
Nobody should work if they do not love what they are doing as it can be reflected in their actions, work ethics and the quality of work they produce.

If you are someone who is passionate about cooking and wants to work with our Chef-Owner who used to work in restaurants even one of the best in the work, click on "I'm Interested" to speak with us today!

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