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Impart knowledge and facilitate active learning experiences as a Teacher!

Ignite Learning Centre

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    I am the founder of Ignite learning Centre and I am looking to expand my team!

What we do

At Ignite Learning Centre, we take pride in making learning fun for everybody while ensuring improvement in their results.

How we do

We are a lean but fun and dynamic group!

As a new team member

Becoming a teacher means making a difference in the lives of children, and shaping them into the adults they'll become with lessons that last a lifetime. Interested to help children develop and life skills? Consider a career in education!

Our teachers would be:
• Familiar with Singapore's school syllabus.
• Able to work independently with children.
• Training will be conducted.

If you love children and are passionate about teaching, click on "I'm Interested!" to speak with us today!

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