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Have an engaging classroom presence? Jumpstart your education career and join us as a Mathematics Tutor!

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What we do

Mathlete Training Centre is a Maths Olympiad training centre that imparts mathematical know-hows to our students. We are rather adaptable in the face of uncertainty. Both online and face-to-face lessons are conducted in our training centre.

Why we do

We aim to develop a positive learning attitude in our students by creating and maintaining a positive classroom environment, as well as instill values such as perseverance and commitment.

How we do

We train our students to be flawless in their argument and logical thinking, and thorough and thoughtful in their endeavours and approaches.

We help our students find the beauty in maths and develop a strong passion in the subject, so that hours of work are put in without regret and our students are able to engage in higher order thinking of maths problems sooner. We also make students more academically inclined and focused.

As a new team member

What do you gain:
• Engage and work with the future of society i.e., children.
• Jumpstart and develop your career in the education sector.
• Self-growth.
• Hone your communication skills.

What you will be doing:
• Impart mathematical know-hows to students.
• Engage with students.
• Create lesson materials.
• Mark students’ work.
• Liaise with parents; update them their child(ren)’s progress.

Essential qualifications:
• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel).

Required documents:
• Resume.

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Mathlete Training Centre
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