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Looking for an impact-driven and future-oriented General Manager for the Visual Arts & Culture Industry!

Sound of Art

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  • I am a student in my final year on the NUS-Sciences Po Double Degree Program, completing my course in Economy and Society (Sciences Po major) and Sociology (NUS major). I'm currently an intern at Sound of Art!

What we do

We are an impact-driven art gallery and startup social enterprise birthed in Singapore in 2020. We do art sales and commission works, organise exhibitions, art events and workshops, graphic recording and event illustration. We often partner charities, to co-create art with beneficiaries and raise funds through the sales of artworks. We are also future-oriented, seeking to transcend the traditional boundaries of an art gallery, exploring product partnerships with hotels, fashion/lifestyle brands & the digital world of NFTs and the metaverse.

Why we do

We seek to tell inspiring stories with art, support emerging Asian artists and cultivate a global audience who appreciate art with affirming messages. As a family business, we are motivated by our Christian faith to strive for excellence in achieving these goals. We aim for our artworks to tell a story and inspire our clients. In many cases, our artworks have played a major role in signifying important life milestones, such as the restoration of relationships, for our clients.

How we do

We believe in:
Art that Speaks - Art should be accessible, and speak in the language/medium of the times, and; Art for Good - Art should inspire, challenge, encourage and ultimately impact people positively.

These principles guide us in nurturing our artists' careers, promoting art that touches people, and consistently partnering with charities in our work.

As a new team member

Goals we would like to achieve, together with you, over the next 2-3 years:
- Strengthen the home base: Turn our gallery at Katong into a winning concept, growing in client engagement, impact, and financial sustainability.
- Bless our clients: Cultivate a best-in-class client experience – from online touchpoints to offline exhibitions, to delivery, packaging & client education.
- Bless our artists: Grow our artist base and help emerging Asian artists jumpstart/develop their careers through marketing, collaborations & sales growth.
- Push the boundaries: Grow the value of our artists’ Intellectual Property (IP), by partnering with hotels, lifestyle & consumer brands to adapt art to new mediums.
e.g. Move beyond paintings, to NFTs, masks, apparel, merchandise, brand and property developer collaborations.

We are looking for:
- Depth of thought: Seeking substance, not superficiality, in the featured artworks,
copywriting, events & human relationships.
- Execution-focused.
- Get things done with respect for process & detail.
- Empathy & Engagement: Drive value by seeing through the eyes of the customer,
artists and partners.
- Looking for a passionate, hands-on leader keen on building an impact-driven and future-oriented visual arts & culture business with us.
- Prior experience with the arts is not necessary.
- Training will be provided for domain-specific topics.

Preferred skills/experiences:
- Experience in one or several of these functions: Product management/marketing, startups, corporate partnerships, experience design, BD/sales.
- Excellent communication & writing skills, ability to use Canva/Adobe suite to design baseline marketing materials.
- Digitally savvy; willing to be hands-on.
- Able to lead a team & manage stakeholders.

How We Work:
You will work closely with Galven, co-founder of Sound of Art, on these areas:
1. Venue Management & Marketing (i12 Katong)
- Ensure operational excellence & plan/execute monthly artwork refreshes of the exhibition space.
- Progressively enhance the visitor journey & interactive elements for impact & sales growth.
- Plan/execute the marketing & events calendar in close partnership with mall management.

2. Business Planning, Marketing & Sales
- Create & execute a commercial strategy to guide pricing, sustain sales growth & guide overall marketing efforts.
- Plan, execute & scale online & offline marketing channels, campaigns & collaterals to build the marketing funnel. (website, social media, chat, physical activations, video series)

3. Stakeholder Development (Artists, Clients & The Life Art)
- Work with artists to grow their careers, and plan featured artworks & marketing efforts.
- Maintain close relationships with clients, seeking to meet their long-term needs, educate & bless them.
- Collaborate with charities & The Life Art to run #artforgood community programs, co-create art with beneficiaries & raise funds.

4. Partnerships, Tech & New Business
- Explore regional merchandising opportunities with fashion, consumer & lifestyle brands (masks, apparel, packaging, events); partnership opportunities with hotels.
- Explore opportunities in NFT art & be ‘salt & light’ in the metaverse.
- Launch new exhibition spaces with malls & venue owners to broaden our impact & make art accessible.
- Partner with interior designers to recommend artwork to clients.

Work arrangements:
- Full-time employment; remote work with weekly in-person team meetings.
- Flexible work hours: We focus on outcomes, not hours.
- Holistic mentorship & training provided.

Ultimately, we want to see our artists and clients blessed, and for Sound of Art to be a world-class, global art & cultural platform to promote art that speaks of faith, hope & love. Click “I’m Interested!” if this sounds like an opportunity you can’t miss!

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    Looking for an impact-driven and future-oriented General Manager for the Visual Arts & Culture Industry!