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What we do

  • Current users have reached over 5M
  • Office space

At nanameue, Inc our focus is to connect people through social media. nanameue, Inc started in May of 2013 with roots in Japan and Thailand. With growing teams, nanameue, Inc. has built one of Japan’s top chat applications with over 5 Million users and over 40 Million downloads from all our applications combined.

Having a global mindset, nanameue, Inc is built with people from a variety of different cultures from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia to name a few. To maintain the global culture, our company language is English and we continue to welcome new members from all over the world.

Our goal is to build a virtual space where everyone can have their presence as themselves and welcome to forgive and accept everyone as they are.

Our latest press release>>https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000029.000044875.html

▼ SNS business Yay!
"Let's connect with people. 『Give you a place where you can be yourself』
Our SNS community app has obtained overwhelming support from younger generations and has over 5M+ users

▼ AI solution business "Making people's work more high-tech based on SNS data assets."
POSMONI: https://posmoni.com/
The service is 24-hour automatically screens inappropriate posts by using a hybrid system of AI and humans.

Why we do

nanameue, Inc. is a Japan-based lT startup that develops SNS and AI solutions.
We are a fast-growing multinational IT startup company creating a social network for people of similar generation, hobbies and interest in the virtual world “Yay!“.
Here is our company video>> https://youtu.be/pIUdNEu0EXE

|| Mission
Building Community with Science
Despite the spread of countless social channels, discovering profound connections remains rare.
With our technologically advanced algorithms, we create and maximize opportunities for people to meet, grow, and foster meaningful relationships transcending nationality, age, and gender.
With these serendipitous encounters, you too can be blessed with a life beyond what was thought possible.

|| Main product
//Virtual world Yay!//
We are developing the platform Virtual world Yay!
It started in January 2020 with the concept of a place where you can be yourself.
Virtual world Yay! lets you talk to the same generation about the same interests and likes. Relax and connect with friends without stress. Everyone can find a place on the Internet.
Yay! has obtained overwhelming support from young generations under 24 y/o, and the current users have reached over 5M worldwide.

How we do

  • A spacious woking space.
  • Ohanami event🌸

Teams members are from more than 10 countries, our official language is English.
Our teams are close knit and work very closely with each other.
We foster an open mind and communication environment where we want all ideas to be heard.
Our team members are from : Thailand, China, Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil ,America and more.

As a new team member


We are a fast-growing multinational IT startup focusing on the next generation social networking platform "Yay!". The digital marketing specialist(Growth Specialist) will be responsible for accelerating user acquisition through various approaches such as improving the UX and optimizing the ASO.

- ユーザーグロースのための分析、その結果を踏まえての戦略構築〜実行
- ユーザー向けキャンペーンの企画立案~効果検証
- ユーザー動線のUX改善を通じた、利便性の向上、継続利用率の向上
- 顧客の行動、嗜好に応じたパーソナライズやレコメンデーション施策検討〜実行
- ASOの最適化に関する戦略立案〜実行
- アドネットワークを活用した広告マネタイズ最大化、及びその他マネタイズの最大化
- Planning and implementation of campaigns for users and analytics on effectiveness
- User analytics, Strategy construction and execution based on the user trends
- Improve convenience and continuous utilization rate through UX improvement
- Consideration and executing of personalization and recommendation based on customer behavior and preferences
- Develop and implement strategies for App Store Optimization
Maximize advertising monetization using ad networks and other methods

- マーケティング戦略構築の経験5年以上
- APPもしくは Webの広告運用の経験
- ビジネスレベルの日本語力
- SQLなどを用いた分析経験
- エンジニアとのコミュニケーションを伴うプロダクト改善経験
- ビジネスレベルの日本語力
- ビジネスレベルの英語力
- 5+ years of experience in building marketing strategies
- Experience in APP or Web advertising management
- Experience monetizing applications using ad networks
- Experience in analysis using SQL, etc.
- Experience in product improvement with communication with engineers
- N1+ Japanese needed & Business level English

Experience in CRM in a business company with a consumer product services

Competitive salary and performance based bonus plus standard social security insurance
Hybrid Work Environment

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