Senior Executive/Assistant Manager (Marketing)
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Looking for a confident and inquisitive Senior Executive/Assistant Manager to oversee our Marketing Team

Huggs Coffee Pte. Ltd.

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  • Anza is the Assistant Marketing Manager at Huggs and a practical idealist with a sole purpose to challenge normality through any medium possible!

  • Shin Yip
    People & Culture Assistant Manager

What we do

Home is where Huggs is!

Huggs’ specially curated selection of ‘East meets West’ beverages, which ranges from local Sumatra kopi to speciality espresso coffee and caffeine-free drinks are here to stay. Additionally, along with a wide range of food selections, Huggs’ pastries are freshly baked daily in-house. With a deep understanding of local communities, taste profiles and needs, we bring people together through great coffee and lifestyle experiences. With great pride in being a homegrown brand, we stand strongly for the local people.

There’s always something for everyone at Huggs!

Why we do

Huggs’ core beliefs are tied to delivering consumer-centric services coupled with an eco-efficient business model. A similar direct representation of how a hug would be able to uplift one’s day, all of us at Huggs are set to enliven everyone’s day and spirits through our wide range of offerings and brand experience.

We aim to uplift and inspire cultures and the people - one cup, one experience, one community at a time.

How we do

Brewing smiles everyday, we are incredibly big and passionate about these three aspects:

Firstly, Flavour. Huggs satisfies a diverse group of coffee and non-coffee drinks through a wide range of blend, brew and flavours. As a specialist of our kind, our beans are meticulously picked for flavour, consistency and quality which are set to suit every palate.

Secondly, People. Huggs establishes a strong people-first culture where we prioritise our crew, customers, communities and stakeholders. Literally like a hug in a mug, all of us at Huggs will go out of our way to make you feel special through our remarkable and personalised service standards.

Lastly, Doing Good. All of us at Huggs believe in inclusivity through forging stronger bonds and deepening ties with communities. Here’s how Huggs will achieve such! By understanding the social causes that are highly important, we spearhead actions in meaningful and creative initiatives which revolve around these 3 pillars - Vocal for Local, ECOHuggs, and Close to Huggs. Join us as we create awareness and positive impact to inspire empathy among our communities!

As a new team member

● Develop and implement marketing plans to drive awareness, customer acquisition, growth and retention, and ultimately to achieve marketing KPIs such as user base growth, conversation rate etc
● Plan 360 marketing campaigns and branding strategies, to grow top of mind and brand awareness in all markets
● Oversee and grow marketing team department, constantly identify/optimise revenue streams, partnership and media opportunities
● Planning and execution of communications and media actions on all channels, including online and social media together with team
● Ideate and strategise engaging contents on all social channels– Instagram, TikTok, Telegram etc.
● Planning and execution of optimisation of brand marketing channels including e-commerce platforms and ambassador programmes.
● Monitoring and tracking digital platforms statistics to be utilised as strategies for marketing campaigns and promotional efforts.
● Manage the brand pillars and plan community efforts ensuring it is consistent across markets and relevant for our target audience
● Improve the look and feel of the brand, creating stronger brand recall and elevating customers’ experience
● Optimise customer experience and manage feedbacks on multiple platforms
● Plan media & PR strategies for brand milestones such as store openings and collaborations

Essential Skills/Qualities:
● Confident and Effective Communicator– articulate expressing thoughts effectively verbally or visually.
● Resourceful with a great sense of initiative to present options and solutions.
● Creative– Understands design and able to conceptualise ideas.
● Having a critical eye to identify opportunities for improvement and provide creative solutions.
● Inquisitive and Informed– always keen to understand more and staying informed with the latest developments within the brand.
● Time-management– able to manage timeline, ensuring team is always updated and on-track
● Optimistic and sociable– able to drive excitement with every marketing effort and effectively communicate upcoming projects during networking sessions/meetings.
● Always up to date with pop culture, current affairs, market and social media trends.
● Proficient in Basic Adobe(Illustrator, Photoshop) & G Suites.
● Proficient in Social Media tools, Digital and Influencer Marketing.

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With great flavours comes great responsibility!
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  • About Huggs Coffee Pte. Ltd.
    Looking for a confident and inquisitive Senior Executive/Assistant Manager to oversee our Marketing Team