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Come onboard as a Senior Front-End Engineer in a supportive, social, and entrepreneurial team!

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What we do

Fundnel is Southeast Asia’s largest private investment technology platform, building next-generation capital markets infrastructure to increase access and liquidity for entrepreneurs and investors.

At the core of our deal-making expertise lie our proprietary algorithms that syndicate opportunities in private companies and PE/VC funds to our network of strategic investors. This, coupled with the expertise of our investments team, has led us to uncover more than USD6 billion worth of deals for over 14,000 accredited investors from across the globe.

Why we do

By augmenting access and liquidity for entrepreneurs and investors, we accelerate the creation of innovative solutions that will go on to impact our communities and societies at large.

How we do

We are headquartered in Singapore with a growing presence in 4 countries across the Asia Pacific region.

We believe it takes more than commitment to build the most accessible and efficient capital markets. Below are the four beliefs and attitudes that are our non-negotiables — components that make up the DNA of the Fundnel team:
- Forward
- Fortitude
- Family
- For our Future

As a new team member

Our Platforms team is predominantly front-end focused, owning both the customer-facing and internal user interfaces that are the main interaction points with our ecosystem. This team has experimentation and agility in its DNA. Given our large and diverse group of end-users and a rapidly evolving market, we know that the perfect user experience won’t stay perfect for long.

Working very closely with our Marketing and Investment teams, members of our Platforms team take a pragmatic approach to solutions development. Where coded UIs are required, they use frameworks like NextJS or vanilla React to build quickly and iteratively. Embracing a “less is better” approach to code, this team also owns our growing slate of no-code implementations. In conjunction with Product Design, Platforms ensure that the Group's visual identity and component library are continuously expanded and improved upon.

The sorts of things you’ll be doing:
- Working as a key contributor to our Platforms code base, as a technical advisor, and a thought leader.
- Participating in code reviews within and outside of your team to help continuously improve the quality of our code.
- Having the opportunity to own your own deliverables, working with business stakeholders and peers on your team from planning through to release.
- Contributing to the continued development of our front-end architectures, as well as supporting infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines.
- In consultation with our Data team, evolve the data schemas that underpin our business processes.
- Contributing to our automated testing framework.
- Take part in regular security testing.
- Keep up to date with the latest in tooling and industry best practices, ensuring that we’re constantly discussing, evaluating, and implementing the best.
- Expressing your ideas, opinions, and feedback on our tech stack, tooling, and culture to ensure we’re always improving as a technology team and as a company.

As our Senior Software Engineer, we know you’ll be doing significant learning on the job.

That said, we’re hoping from Day 1 you’ll bring:
- 4 to 7 years of software engineering experience.
- Strong experience in multiple object-oriented and/or functional programming languages. We’re language-agnostic in our hiring, but have JavaScript/Node, Python, GoLang, Rails, and others in our ecosystem stack.
- Good knowledge of major front-end frameworks, with advanced knowledge in at least one (ideally React-based ecosystems).
- Good knowledge of mobile app development. Hands-on native (iOS/Android) experience is not necessary as we generally take a transpilation approach (React Native, Flutter, etc.), but experience with releasing/managing apps in major app stores is an asset.
- Able to choose the right coding pattern for the job, including building easily testable codes (if not via pure TDD, at least leveraging those principles).
- Excellent ability to craft unit tests and familiarity with major front-end focused testing tools like Jest
- Good experience with source control systems like Github or Bitbucket, and how they work within a team
- Strong code review habits, leading by example on being proactive and constructive with comments and conversations among your peers.
- Excellent knowledge of data modeling in both relational and non-relational databases.
- Good familiarity with API-driven system design.

Beyond the technology, we also hope you’ve got some interest in:
- Financial services, particularly the investment space.
- Digitised and decentralized finance (DeFi), and all the new financial products and possibilities that come with these innovations (cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, NFTs, etc.).
- An appreciation for experimentation and designing systems/processes that accommodate business and technical agility.
- Food! We talk about it a lot :)

As a close-knit, social team we generally prefer to work together in person at one of our offices. That said, we provide a flexible working environment that is adaptable to periods of working from home. We’re a supportive, social, and entrepreneurial team of former investment bankers, technologists, and strategists. Clear, honest communication is key to everything we do.

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    Come onboard as a Senior Front-End Engineer in a supportive, social, and entrepreneurial team!