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Blue Flower Travel WANTS Independent Ambassadors, passionate about travel

Blue Flower Travel

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  • Andrea Oschetti

  • Amanda Sheppard

What we do

The Blueflower travel company stands for the infinite yearning for the most magnificent and pure travel experiences.

The Blue Flower is a central symbol of Romanticism, a movement in the arts emphasising inspiration by a creative impulse. Its myth refers to a sensitive aesthete - the beautiful soul - forever longing for personal fulfilment.

Why we do

For the last 20 years, Andrea Oschetti, Founder of Blue Flower have been travelling professionally, venturing to many extreme cultural and physical environments to scout for life-enhancing encounters.

Having personally gained so much during his years of travel, he is passionate about inspiring others to see the world from a fresh new angle.

He aspires to reinvent luxury travel with meaningful global experiences that allow travellers to connect with the pure essence of a destination and engage with inspiring locals.

With privileged access to interesting people and private places, he promise to create exceptional, life-enhancing journeys that connect you to the passions that matter most to you.

How we do

  • Our Marketing Manger, CEO, Travel Designer
  • Our Travel Designers and Business Development Director

We cut out the middleman - we have direct connections to offer exclusive holidays at a competitive price.

We mastered the art of how to enrich a journey with the spirit and passion that matter to you. Journeys where you stop being a tourist and become a lifetime traveller instead, connecting with the pure essence of a destination and engaging with inspiring locals.

We are journalists, chefs, overall real travellers. Our trips cannot be found on Google, our guides are not a walking Wikipedia. Travel guru Andrea Oschetti has put together his extensive network of personal connections with the experience of pure dream makers, his team.

We are alone and happy to say that there is nothing like our trips. A monastery, a noble’s private house, the wine cellar of our favorite restaurant in Rome: there is nothing we can't reach

We make exceptional things happen through our network of local fixers and specialists around the world, allowing us to get you through the door not just where no one else can, but also where no one else has imagined.

We sit down with you over a map and a bottle of wine. We learn about your passions and what matters to you. Our TRAVEL SALON enables potential clients to meet with Andrea in his own home, surrounded by stimulating cultural artefacts, maps and photographs, to plan a truly individual and unique travel experience.

As a new team member

Looking for an independent person to join Blueflower Travel's salesforce on a commission base. You can join us while still working at your current job/project! We want you to help recommend us to your network and clients, and reward you accordingly based on your effort and input.

We are a team of ambitious and brilliant individuals, who are proud to be part of our venture of becoming the leading luxury travel company in Asia by innovating customer travel experiences through knowledge, passion, imagination and care.

・Identify new prospective clients
・Inspire and promote prospective clients to find out more about Blue Flower Travel and our unique services.
・You will be working directly with Andrea Oschetti, CEO.

・A well-connected individual with access to potential target networks in Hong Kong.
・Already working in an industry/job that give you access to wide range of potential clients who can afford luxury travel.
・A storyteller who inspires clients and creates long-term relationships based on mutual trust.
・A passion for understanding what matters most to clients and sell inspired holidays.
・ An ace at identifying and pursuing sales marketing opportunities
・The awesomeness of being self-reliant
・People with an inspiring background are fascinating to us.
・You DO NOT need to have a background in a travel agency to apply.

At Blueflower we are dedicated to empowering our team members to develop their best Self. If this experience is like exactly the kind you're looking for, don't hesitate and click "Want to Visit" now!

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  • Blue Flower Travel WANTS Independent Ambassadors, passionate about travel
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