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10 Dollar Bundle vol.7 – Creative Fonts




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Brand new volume from our unique and very popular deal format 10 Dollar Bundle – 5 authors in 1 bundle for only $10. This time with 14 creative style fonts. As always only highest qualitytypography resources in one bundle! Small budget and you’re just starting your freelance career or looking to beef up your own custom font library, this Jumbo Deal is just for you! With 95% off + extended license and available for limited time only, you’ll need to grab this new 10 dollar bundle while you can.

With 14 amazing custom fonts from 5 premium design shops! Don’t miss it ;) 10 Dollar Bundle vol.7 contains 14 premium custom fonts + some extra graphics from 5 talented designers for only $10!
You can also download 2 from our’s FREE bundles with 25 and 21 amazing custom fonts here and here!
With this deal you get:
- 14 premium custom fonts- some extra ornaments, shapes…- and also exclusive extended license!
Take a look at what you can get!

14 Amazing Custom Fonts (+ extra graphics)1. Lettuce Typeface by Artisans

2. Aqualita Typeface by Artisans

3. Antero Typeface by Artisans

4. Bold Face by Maghrib

5. Road Culture by Maghrib

6. Southern California by Maghrib

7. Devious Typeface by Graptail

8. Dankita Script by Graptail

9. Ringdena Script by Graptail

10. Avondale by Twicolabs

11. Armament Stencil by Twicolabs

12. Shintya Typeface by Scrachtzo

13. itaki – calligraphic typeface by Scrachtzo

14. Sambay Typeface by Scrachtzo

Take a look at what you can get!



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