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AIC Calendar 2016




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The Brief

The objective of AIC’s Corporate Calendar is to strengthen organisational branding and positioning amongst our community care partners and to publicise our initiatives and services.

The Solution

The theme for this year’s Calendar is, “Seek home for rest, for home is best”. In order to support their seniors’ wishes to age well and gracefully at home and transform a community to one that is elderly friendly, there are a host of professionals in the eldercare sector working hard to address the elderly’s medical and social care needs.

This year, the Calendar focus on the quality of care provided from the beneficiaries’ point of view. It will feature seniors expressing how they have benefitted from the meticulous care provided as well as words of appreciation/encouragement to the healthcare and social service staff across the primary, home and centre-based care segments who have enabled the seniors to age well at home. Additionally, it will feature up and coming careers in the sector such as “Therapy aides” and “Senior Care Associates”.