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Tranquerah bistro is a bistro that located in the colourfuland historical place of Melaka, Malaysia. With the mix of Malay andPortuguese-Eurasian, this bistro is the perfect place to showcase the diversityof culture, custom and history of Malaysia. Choosing modern contemporary as aconcept, it make this bistro have a modern look and feel but still have thetraditional element in it. The aroma and tea cup are represent the typical bistroatmosphere. The idea using liquid as one of my inspirations comes went I sawliquid on my table and I was amazed and I thought it will be a great idea in mydesign. Keris, is the Malay traditional weapon that Malay people useto protect people that they love and themselves. it‘s also are representdignity, standard of the owner. I choose Keris because it also representMelaka, the city of full with culture and history, suit with the location ofthe bistro; I want put the local feels and uniqueness of the culture andenvironments into the bistro to make it more strong and solid. Auptimagh Ah typeface has been chosen for its goodlegibility. Using this typeface consistently is important to maintain theuniqueness of the Tranquerah Bistro. These typefaces have it own uniqueness anda perfect mix with the new symbol.

Logo identity patternPattern and logo treatments for Tranquerah BistroThe idea for this pattern is rooted notion ofdigital camouflage. The brief was to create a pattern that can be flexible andcan move and become more than a single logo. I use the idea of Ying and Yang(Chinese symbol for good and bad) to make it more interesting and unique. Thispresented an interesting challenge to make a print from a single symbol, -butare in fact, repeated patterns.The second pattern I want to make more organic andmore fluid, element to enhance the visual impact. For this I explored size andstroke of the symbol to make more stand out and liquefying. I used darkerbackground colour to make it more elegant and exclusive.

Uniform and apronThe uniform and apron are reflection of Malay culture. Ichoose baju kebaya as a uniform for women because it’s have the modern touchbut in the same time it still have a traditional elements. Using the logo as apattern it makes the uniform stand out and unique. Apron is a mix of Malay andPortuguese-Eurasian culture, I using the Malay traditional pattern such asbunga hati tengah, kepala lawi ayam and many more. Malay culture have plenty ofgreat pattern, I want to highlight it and to educate the customer about thehistory and culture of Malaysia. I want to make a design that stylish but intime meaningful.

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