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Anatomy of a rebranding Tranquerah bistro




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Anatomy of a rebranding Tranquerah bistro

The first task was to create an individual visualstyle and brand language to help Tranquerah Bistro stand out from theircompetitors. The project was started in 2005/2006, and during this time I have doingresearch and evolved their overarching logo, managed their brand elements,directed the creative for the press adverts and created apparel surfacegraphics.We provided the company with the bold new identity,which position it uniquely identity the bistro in Malaysia. To make it unique fromany bistro at Jonker Walk or in Malaysia,I use multiple elements to make the logo strong and unique.

First logo2005/2006 is the first season I working with theclients. I choose the concept of modern contemporary for this bistro. I want totransform this bistro to something unique, something new and all type of peoplecan sit and enjoy. I want to represent Malaysia to the world, embrace theMalay and Portuguese-Eurasian influence in my design. I choose metal, gold, redin this design to make it more attractive and celebrate the Portuguese-Eurasianculture and custom.The logo that I created is modern but in the sametime maintained the classic and traditional image of the culture. I like tomake a logo that have multiple of meaning but the same time it look strong andmodern.In the end, I choose this logo as my final logo. Ilove the shape and the meaning of this logo. The shape look like a bird, but ifyou look carefully, it a letter T and B. it stand for Tranquerah Bistro. Theimage looks like ripple of the cup of tea. Chocolate Box typeface was provides the perfectauthoritative, yet approachable, tone of voice, while the small tab elementssuggest the technical side of branding. These typefaces have a balance andharmony of the design. It represent traditional, trendy and they are never outof vogue.

The logo

Final logo2006. I havea progressive stance on branding, and is keen for me to evolve the brand eachseason. I adapted the brand elements, consolidating them to make more detailmore suitable and recognizable on apparel. Using the same organic feels to thesymbol and make it more meaningful and simple.Anatomy of the final logo This logowas inspired by four elements, aroma, Keris (traditional Malay weapon), tea cupand liquid.The aroma and tea cup are represent the typicalbistro atmosphere. The idea using liquid as one of my inspirations comes went Isaw liquid on my table and I was amazed and I thought it will be a great ideain my design. Keris, is the Malay traditional weapon that Malaypeople use to protect people that they love and themselves. it‘s also arerepresent dignity, standard of the owner. I choose Keris because it alsorepresent Melaka, the city of full with culture and history, suit with thelocation of the bistro; I want put the local feels and uniqueness of theculture and environments into the bistro to make it more strong and solid. Auptimagh Ah typeface has been chosen for its goodlegibility. Using this typeface consistently is important to maintain theuniqueness of the Tranquerah Bistro. These typefaces have it own uniqueness anda perfect mix with the new symbol.

the final logo

Logo identity patternPattern and logo treatments for Tranquerah BistroThe idea for this pattern is rooted notion ofdigital camouflage. The brief was to create a pattern that can be flexible andcan move and become more than a single logo. I use the idea of Ying and Yang(Chinese symbol for good and bad) to make it more interesting and unique. Thispresented an interesting challenge to make a print from a single symbol, -butare in fact, repeated patterns.The second pattern I want to make more organic andmore fluid, element to enhance the visual impact. For this I explored size andstroke of the symbol to make more stand out and liquefying. I used darkerbackground colour to make it more elegant and exclusive.