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The League of extraordinary Dyslexics 

"No logo Branding"

When we generally look at a brand, we imagine a logo, collaterals, a significant language across all its media, etc., but what of non-commercial brands like those of stereotypes in society, such as the mentally challenged, the poor, the uneducated, the homosexuals, etc.?   In “No-logo branding we are required to take such concepts, apply branding and marketing techniques and change the already existing image of that negative stereotype, to not just abandon the idea of a logo, but go beyond it.

I chose Dyslexia

In this course, we had been presented with five topics, out of which I narrowed down on two, Rag pickers and Dyslexia. I began my secondary research on both the topics, but concluded on Dyslexia because of the language barrier I had while facing primary research involving Rag pickers. After movies like Tare Zameen Par, campaigns and talks on Dyslexia, it would seem that people today would be well aware of the concept and have changed outlooks toward people and families with Dyslexia involved, but it isn’t so. I will mention how it isn’t so below.


We all had our different solutions to implement when we thought about Dyslexia. Each of us cared for the cause in different ways and so were taking different approaches to solve the problem, which we all agreed upon, that is Dyslexia is wrongly interpreted and is associated to many negative stereotypes. We also agreed on the fact that if people of Dyslexia were guided and diagnosed at the early stages then they could turn their Dyslexia into their biggest strength as our research showed that 35% of Entrepreneurs, 50% of all NASA scientists, etc. are Dyslexic. On the other hand, if not handled correctly, or ignored they could turn into some of the world’s criminals as research also shows that 60% ofJuvenile Delinquents are Dyslexic. (Sources mentioned later on). Hence our Brand Positioning Statement: "Disguised genius"


Target audience - School children

Idea I - "Dystractions"

The form




One of my early doodle styles that I thought apt for this project

Doodles inspired by artist - Picandle




GIFF -stop motion

Doodles + Daydreaming + Paper (craft)




Target audience - 18 and above - people with Dyslexia who want to promote their skills

Robbin Williams had Dyslexia, just like many other celebrities such as Jim Carrey, A. R. Rahman, etc.

Give a platform for people with dyslexia to showcase their skills. This website has a blog to encourage reading and writing among people with dyslexia. It allows them to share their "success stories" and read other's as well.

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