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This art project is called                                        REACTIONS 
Often we find ourselves surrounded by happenings that just cannot blend into our reality.But what happens when we are given the power to blend our own reality on canvass?
We would get all kinds of mixed reactions of the reality we are currently living in.
This very first acrylic painting project of mine, is also a collaboration with my curious friend, Muhd Adam (a.k.a Adam CRPT). Being students from two different majors, we brainstormed and churned out both scientific and artistic ideas through abstract ideas. We came up with the idea of producing a triptych piece; a work of art which is divided into three sections, entitled "Reactions: I, 2 and 3".Each panel was A1 size (59.4 cm x 84.1 cm).

'Reactions' pictures the natural world that we live in slowly blending into a world of man-made madness. Ideas grow from within ourselves like a ball of energy. This energy dissipates into fractions of reactions of change that may change into another form of energy that fuels another idea. The reaction continues up until we realize everything is simply an extrapolation of childhood games that we always try to find meaning of without really understanding the rules, if there is any.
As amatuer painters, we had to channel our ideas on paper first. The reason behind this urge to paint was for a student art exhibition in our university, called ERTI in December 2012. Here are some sketches and pre-paintings that added up before the final touches on canvas:

Here are some close ups on the paintings.Close ups on the brush strokes, pen work and acrylic colour palate used.

We had to think of a collaborative signature on the pieces too. Hence, the thumbprints above. Below is how it would look like if it was put together as one huge piece of painting. Stitching was done with Adobe Photoshop, digitally.

Do you see another idea?The real reaction that happens is the one you feel by looking at a piece of artwork.Care to share with us.Thank you for stopping by this project.:)