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According to the cell theory developed by Matthias Jakob Schleiden and Theodor Schwann in 1893, all organisms such as humans, animals and plants are composed of one or more cells. As such, cells are the fundamental to any living organisms yet invisible to our naked eyes. More than often, human are oblivion to the structures and how they actually looked like.  
-Banner Concept
As the viewers stand in front of the banner, they are being submerged in the magnified and vibrant cells pile bringing them into the world of cells. To enhance the experience as being part of the cells, looking up from the bottom of the banner creates an illusion as if the cells are falling onto them. With these, its idea is to bring attention to the viewers the existence and magnificent visuals of the cells.  

/Dropdown Banner Composition

/Poster Front

/Poster Back

/Proposed Projection Mapping Video (Watch in HD!)
The (In)Visible video is a proposed projection/projection mapping video on facades or screen in an environment with total darkness so as to allow the audience to emerse themselves in the world of Cells and to achieve a therapeutic effect. 
- To be projected on facades or projection screen. 

/Swatch book for project In(Visible)
The swatch book contains the various motifs created which was later used to create repeat swatches.
In the book it also contain proposed ideas of the usage for the motifs such as projection video and laptop decals. 

In project In(Visible), the final deliverables are:
- Banner
- Poster 
- Projection Video
- Swatch Book. 
The digital version of the swatch book for this project can be found at
Project Supervised by: Prof Ina Conradi
Concept and Designed by: Lawrence Poh



Lawrence Poh