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How did YWOW expand their team from 3 to 15 in one year?

Read more to find out how Wantedly helped YWOW gain exposure in the competitive toy industry!


About YWOW:
Industry: FMCG
Company Size: 15
Founded: 2018
Recruiting for: Intern, Merchandiser, Designer, Admin, eCommerce, Senior Financial Manager, Marketing

The Challenge:
Tense Competition in the Labour Market

In a very competitive and fast moving toys industry, YWOW is a new joiner looking to disrupt the hierarchy. They are looking to hire young talents who are passionate about toys and games, while also having a strong sense of market trends in the industry. In an industry dominated by larger players, it made it difficult for them to source talented individuals who really wanted to build the company together and take on larger competitors.

The Solution:
Wantedly Story and Job Post to Attract

With many roles to fill, we helped YWOW draft and post job descriptions onto our platform. By doing an interview and photoshoot, our content team helped write a story about their company, featuring Michele their CEO. YWOW was also featured in a TV documentary on Now Finance, showcasing employers growing their companies during the pandemic. Marketing these stories through our EDM and social channels helped attract lots of great talent to apply and grow their quickly expanding team.

The Result:
Increased Market Exposure

<Some significant figures>
Job Posts: 18
Total Page Views: 15160+
Total Applicants: 210+
Application Rate: 1.84%
Successful Hires: 5
Time to Hire: 1-3 weeks

Testimonial from Michele, CEO of YWOW:
"Thank you for the support of the last couple of months to help to find great talent! We hired 2 more resources thanks to you and we are now completely confident that we can find resources from all fields on Wantedly. I’m glad to tell you that we will extend our partnership in the future to hire more talent and create more synergy with your company."

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