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Attract talents by showcasing your culture and achieve efficient hiring. Wouldn't that be too good to be true?

Read more to find out how Wantedly assisted Good Morning Creative acquire the best candidate through Employer Branding!


About Good Morning Creative:
Industry: Marketing Agency
Company Size: 10-20
Founded: 2018
Recruiting for: Sales Manager, Sales Executive, Account Manager

The Challenge:
Candidates Know Little about the Company

Good Morning Creative is a young and dynamic team, with great benefits, and interesting projects and clients. The challenge was that candidates didn’t know about it! When we posted job opening for the first time, we didn’t receive many job applications, and the application rate was very low (0.5%). Good Morning is under the Bees group, so the amount of information potential candidates could find online about the company was limited. This made it difficult to source candidates to join the team.

The Solution:
Employer Branding done by Wantedly

For some companies, all you need to do is share more about who they are, what they do, and the rest will handle itself. With a photoshoot and sponsored article out to our community it was easy to get the word out that Good Morning is a great place to work, with lots of creative, learning opportunities. After the article was published on Wantedly, potential job seekers had more information, candidates started streaming in. With high application rates and total number of candidates, it was easy for the team to find the right candidate to join the team.

The Result:
A Suitable Candidate
<Some significant figures>

Job Posts: 3
Total Page Views: 9259
Total Applicants: 98
Application Rate: 3.03%
Successful Hires: 1
Time to Hire: 2 months

Testimonial from Good Morning Creative:
"Wantedly is a great and efficient hiring platform. We are delighted that we matched up with the right candidate within such a short period of time."

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