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How did Freehunter achieve 3 great hires by maximising their candidate exposure?

Explore more on how Freehunter reached tech talents through Wantedly!


About Freehunter:
Industry: Tech Start-Up
Company Size: 8
Founded: 2017
Recruited for: Frontend, backend developer, UI/UX Designer, Backend Web Engineer, Mobile App Engineer, Intern (Business Development), Business developer, Growth Hacker

The Challenge:
Lack of Tech Talent
Being a staffing and recruitment platform themselves, Freehunter knows the importance of building a talented team who is dedicated to growing a start-up. In Hong Kong, hiring software engineers and tech talent is very difficult and competitive due to the low supply and high demand. Being a tech start-up, often your most limited resources is development time and human capital.

The Solution:
Multi-channel Approach by Wantedly

Multi-channel approach with content, webinar, job post, and outbound social campaigns to attract tech talent into the hiring funnel. Due to the low supply of tech candidates in the market, average application rates for tech roles are usually under 1%. But by showcasing Freehunter’s employer brand we were able to get a better application rate and help Freehunter hire 3 staff to join their team. As they expand, we continue to support them in their staffing needs.

The Result:
Remarkable Application Rate

<Some significant figures>
Job Posts: 12
Total Page Views: 5930+
Total Applicants: 105
Application Rate: 2.15%
Successful Hires: 3
Time to Hire: 2 months

Testimonial from Harris Cheng, CEO of Freehunter:
"Wantedly is one of the best channels out there to hire young, smart and energetic talents in Hong Kong. Highly recommended especially for early stage startups!"

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