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Researcher 2015/09 - 2015/12

Savannah Ho

Talisman Corporation - IT Consultant

About my work experience

When I first came to Japan in 2015, I was wondering what should I do. I found Talisman by chance and I spoke with Fumio-san, the CEO with Talisman who's now my big boss.

Fumio-san is an open-mind and friendly person, I like him very much, and also other directors of Talisman are easy-going. So I decided to join Talisman as an Intern.

Difficulties I faced

During my internship, my main responsibility was to source candidates, mainly English speaking software engineers. However, I was given freedom to do more: I talked and met with candidates, I even reached out companies for business opportunities, etc.

What I learned

I have learned many great lessons from my internship: - communication ability - industry knowledge - business manners etc.

I am still learning how to be a good recruiter/consultant, and I really enjoy this challenge.

Talisman Corporation - IT Consultant
初めまして (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ 私IT業界、インターネット業界、通信業界、コンサルティング業界、ライフサイエンス業界、金融業界、その他、様々な業界における事業会社からの求人等の紹介を得意とするサーチファーム、タリスマン株式会社のサバンナと申します。 求人情報並びにマーケット情報を興味ある方は、是非私にご連絡ください。 【募集中求人案件】 Machine learning Engineers (to develop advanced ML algorithm) Data mining Engineer Data Scientist Natural Language proces...
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