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I was once part of the drama club in Secondary School.

The club would be split into 2 groups during competition time. The first group was made up of the actors, while the second consisted of those who would do backstage stuff -- you know, the props, the lighting, the whole lot.

By some chance (or skill heh) I got into the first group and spent most of my time honing my acting skills for the big day. I never got to understand the value of the backstage crew as everything was prepared for me already.

It was not until I had a hand at doing the backstage ‘stuff’ myself that I understood what the crew brought to the table.

The props? Without anyone making the props, the audience cannot fully visualize what is going on. The lighting? Without great lighting effects, the play would just fall flat. Oh, and the costumes? Without the crew, the actor wouldn’t have anything to wear.

It was one of the more important lessons in my life. For every successful production, there’s a hard-working crew behind the scenes, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Masters of the ‘Backstage’

No one else understands this concept better than the folks at Zave.

“The goal is to give small and medium-sized companies … access to extremely high-quality accounting data and corporate services data for a reasonable cost,” COO of Zave, Veli shared.

Zave really reminded me of my drama days, being the masters of supporting companies and allowing them to shine. Some of the great things they do include compliance and accounting.

And, if you are the founder of a new company, Zave can also help you even incorporate your company!

We chatted with Veli about his experiences and how Zave came to be.


Throughout his working life, Veli has built up a wealth of experience dealing with corporate services.

“I’ve been a buyer of these services for 20 years … grown in-house accounting teams, and I’ve been a COO; it was always just a really painful experience,” Veli revealed.

[ Veli in his office. ]

But the services Veli bought weren’t the best – quite the contrary in fact.

The combination of expensive solutions and mediocre (at best) services led Veli to have that Eureka moment: If these were his pain points for the past twelve years, then won’t it be the same for other people as well?

This was Veli’s starting point that propelled him to focus on finding the best solution for any company during the next 18 months. And, who would have thought that Veli would find his partner in crime, Alan, about halfway through?

“We started to talk and realized that [our visions] were very closely aligned. We basically decided to join forces.”

Both Veli and Alan’s experiences with accounting and corporate perspectives fueled the fire that eventually gave life to Zave.

Every Day is Day One

A quick search on Zave shows something interesting about their culture. They believe in something called the ‘Day One’ mentality.

Started by Jeff Bezos, it is a concept where a company is always on their toes as if they were in ‘Day One’ of their existence. One of the more important ideas behind ‘Day One’ is to always be on the lookout for new trends and ideas and to ride these waves to gain a competitive advantage over others.

“I kind of joke that we are a company in Singapore, [but] we are not a Singaporean company,” Veli chuckled.

Aside from their ‘Day One’ mentality, their company culture is rather employee-centric. For one, they have initiatives like getting everyone in office to leave before 7pm.

This is quite unheard of especially in accounting firms, but Veli swears by it.

“In my last business, we used to have a customer complaint about once a year and that’s because everybody went home before seven,” Veli smiled.

Not everything at Zave is about work, too.

They believe in uplifting their employees and it shows in their mini weekly “offsides.” The talents at Zave share about topics and skills regarding the day-to-day operations at Zave.

“Two weeks ago, it was communication. This week was compliance, so around legal risk. Next week is more about customer success,” shared Veli.

For me, I think these discussions can serve another purpose as well.

They introduce their talents to what other team members are working on and their job scopes. It brings the team together as they can now appreciate more about what the others are doing.

Zave has shown all of us how to balance between being employee-centricity and productivity. They taught me that companies do not need to overwork their employees to reach their bottom lines.

What about you?


Zave is growing and wants to meet their next teammate. Click here to learn about the different opportunities with Zave today!

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