A Day in the life of a Design Intern

Curious to know what it's like to be an intern in Why? Brand Design? Gabriel Ee shares his experience working with us!

  1. Why did you decide to carry out your internship at Why? Brand Design?

My lecturer had recommended me to join Why? Brand design as he thought that it had nurturing environment and would've been an excellent place to learn and grow my skills as a designer. After doing my own research, I found the work done and clientele to have been highly intriguing and thus sent in my internship application.

  1. What have you enjoyed most about your internship?

I've enjoyed the wide variety of work done here. Most projects are usually rather fascinating and give me a great opportunity to learn and expand my skillsets.

  1. Did you like the social aspect of the company?

Definitely. The environment here is relatively easy going. Everyone here is also extremely friendly and always keen to help whenever I face any troubles.

  1. What are some of the challenges you faced in this role?

When I first joined, my photoshop skills weren't exactly stellar, so I struggled a little with projects that required me to do a lot of image editing and manipulation. However, many of the designers here shared many tips and tricks with me, allowing me to improve much faster. Although I still may not be great at photoshop, my skills have vastly improved since I first started.

  1. What's your daily schedule like?

My schedule varies daily, but I usually enter the office around 9.30 am and start on the project I have been assigned for the day. I would keep working on that project, occasionally checking with my mentor/supervisor on whether I'm headed in the right direction and what I could improve on. I would have a lunch break with my colleagues around 1 pm and continue my work afterwards until the end of the day around 6.30 pm.

  1. What type of tasks do you do in a typical day?

The tasks I do are different every day and never get stale. Sometimes I would focus on a particular project for a few days, doing research and conceptualisation. On other days I would be attached to different projects for the week, helping out with various design adaptations and changes. Depending on the project, I would also be printing out mock-ups to ensure that the digital designs translate well into print.

  1. Any advice for somebody who wants to intern in Why? Brand Design?

Don't be afraid to ask questions! From minor technical questions to more important industry questions, everyone here is more than happy to help answer them.

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