What we do

Day One is an Antler-backed startup revolutionising offline businesses providing a turnkey solution that optimises staff collaboration. The product mission is to make everyone great on their job.

Why we do

There are 16.5 billion offline businesses in Southeast Asia. We want to supercharge them providing them the tools to unlock growth. Currently, our product help offline teams (e.g. businesses running cafes, events, retail stores) collaborate better.

How we do

Fun, Integrity, Competency #1 - Fun - We don't take ourselves too seriously. This means that we can laugh off failure, take a punch in the face (metaphorically - please don't punch us!) and shrug it off. We know that life is too short to not have fun, and so we take time to savour every day, celebrate the small wins and stop and smell the roses (metaphorical again - don't need to give us roses!) once in a while. #2 - Integrity - We always hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity in everything that we do, because a life well led is a life guided by the right values. #3 - Competency - In everything that we do, we always deliver the highest quality of work to our team, our users and our clients. Even the smallest things - like writing an email, or sending out a social media update. Because how we do the small things determines everything.