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Hi again, this is Amy, from the HR Team here at Wantedly. I’ve written on a few ways to spice up your job posts in order to get the best engagement and boost your application rate. So today I wanted to follow up by writing about an integral part of Wantedly’s job posts; pictures!

So we know that the average candidate will give you roughly 2 minutes of their time when reading your job post. Given your window of opportunity to grab their attention is limited,making use of pictures can help your post go a very long way. After all, a picture tells a thousand words.

However, this doesn’t mean that just any old image will work. In fact, the wrong picture can deter someone from applying just as a great one can spark their interest. After a decade of hosting tens of thousands of job posts worldwide, we have found that there are certain types of images that just won’t do.

Let’s go through the Dos and Don’ts of pictures in your job description.


Show the faces behind your company*

  • Pictures of your team at work, in meetings, or at corporate events.
  • Team events or lunches.
  • Scenes from webinars, events, or seminars you’ve held.

*Always make sure your team or anyone you will be showing is comfortable with having their picture posted.

Show off your team!

Show your space

  • If your team is comfortable with it, pictures of remote working, like home office setups or online meetings, is a great way to show how your company is adapting.
  • Your office environment, clearly showing your company’s unique style through logos, mascots, decoration, etc.
  • Areas that set your office apart - do you have a snack bar? Concentration booths? Show these off!

Show the candidate where they would work if they joined your company


Be vague

  • Generic or unidentifiable office shots.
  • Pictures of one object in the office with no context like a desk, printer, or mug.
  • Stock photos of teams, or people that are not affiliated with your company.
  • Photos of generic office buildings.
  • Use your company logo for every picture.

Pictures like this don't tell a candidate anything about your company and what you stand for

Be unprofessional

  • Pictures from events where things have gotten a little… out of hand.
  • Personal photos unrelated to your business, even if they’re with your team.
  • Any pictures featuring offensive imagery or words.

While these may seem obvious, I can assure you, we’ve seen it all.

When choosing pictures for your job post, keep in mind what you’re trying to achieve by using them. You want to give the candidate a snapshot into a day in the life at your company, so they can really visualize what it’s like to be a part of your team. Your pictures should be authentic, personalized, and unique to your company culture.

Wantedly’s dedicated team is on hand to help you optimize your job posts, employer brand, and hiring process. Get in touch for a consultation with one of our recruitment experts here.

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