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What’s The Diff: Resume vs Profile

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of perfecting your resume. So, what’s next?

I don’t blame you for wanting to excitedly hop on to your LinkedIn or Wantedly profile to let everyone know of the gloriousness you’ve just crafted for your resume. It’s just copy-pasting, right? Wrong.

Ctrl-C, ctrl-V may seem like the way to go, given how similar the categories offered in your profile are to a resume; work experience, skills, etc. But that’s not what professional online profiles are for. Think of platforms like LinkedIn and Wantedly as a personal branding tool—the chance to tell your story in an interesting way, beyond the sleek confines of your one-page resume.

Your profile, if done right, can be a complementary page for your network to learn more about you beyond your resume or even job searching phase. To understand the difference between your profile and resume, here are the four key advantages about profiles that you should know.

1. Tell The Big Picture

Every hero has an origin story, and you deserve to tell yours. So, don’t skimp on all the colour; the details and context that didn’t make the page on your resume. And I’m not just talking about your Portfolio items or Skills showcase.

For example, let’s look at your ‘Work experience’ section on Wantedly. This is the opportunity for you to share the backstory on interesting twists and turns that can’t be explained on your resume. Instead of copy-pasting the short, succinct bullet points, share a bit more. Here’s a comparative example:

Resume: “Increased sales revenue by 30% through the implementation of referral programs …”

Wantedly: “After meeting Wantedly’s CEO at the 2018 Tech Conference, I accepted a Business Development role at the company. Drawing from my prior SaaS sales experience, I was able to effect immediate results, such as growing our client base by 40% …”

The content on your profile should be more insightful and captivating, and while there’s no space for it on your resume, it’s most welcome on Wantedly! While sharing more is good, remember to filter out any sensitive or internal company information before it goes live on your profile.

2. Don’t Be Too Formal

Don’t let the stoic third-person language get any more attention than it already has on your resume. Think about how you would normally speak and set a conversational tone for your profile. After all, LinkedIn and Wantedly are social media tools.

Instead of just talking about what you do; tell us why you love doing it. Sprinkle in bits about the types of teams you’ve enjoyed working in, the kinds of projects inspire you most or even weave in your personal philosophy. Here’s what your ‘Self introduction’ section on Wantedly could look like:

“As a marketer who geeks out over technology, creating buzz and authentic experiences for people is second nature to me. My career has seen 10 years of success in executing omni-channel ideas for brand building with a genuine passion for sustainable practices by ...”

3. Prove your street cred

Ah, the classic show-not-tell. The information you share on your resume is often taken at face value until the actual interview happens. With your online profile, you get the advantage of backing up your self-praise claims about your talents and work ethics.

Sure, you “always go the extra mile”, but a dazzling recommendation from a superior confirms it. An expert with HubSpot? Get your skills endorsed to prove this. Love to write? Get busy publishing new articles on the ‘Posts’ section of your Wantedly profile or ‘Publications’ section on LinkedIn.

Get your homies and colleagues to attest to your skills and experience.

4. Less is not more

Everyone knows this rule of thumb: always tailor your resume to a specific company and/or position. On your profile, however, being too finely-tuned could potentially cost you some opportunities down the road.

While it’s important to position yourself as a thought leader in a particular area and your general audience (i.e. connections), updating your profile that only engages those specific topics or people could put you at risk of not being seen for anything else.

Instead, consider including a range of evergreen content on your profile to appeal to a wider audience, such as your favourite podcasts, articles or commentaries. Once you balance the talk between general topics and your subject matter expertise, you open up your profile to many more eyeballs—HR Managers included 😉

Ready to take your profile from 0 to 💯? Do it with Wantedly.

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