#WantedlyVisits: Kanpai to 10 Years of Passion

We were recently in Japan at the start of September for our annual Year End Pool Party! To celebrate the end of our fiscal year 2019, all members of Wantedly from Japan 🇯🇵, Singapore 🇸🇬 and Hong Kong 🇭🇰 were summoned to our HQ in Tokyo, Japan.

After another year of living the "LDR" life of video calls and DMs on Slack, it’s always a pleasure to meet everyone from Hong Kong and Japan in person to learn from and share all our milestones with 😁

With so many precious memories created, new friendships forged, and late nights laughed away, come relive it with us as we let the pictures do the talking.

Welcome to Wantedly Inc., where it is as cosy in the evening as it is in the day.
Kick off your shoes and slip into a comfy pair of slippers to get around the office 👣
We like to think that Wantedly’s located in the ‘Bukit Timah’ area of Tokyo; some of our colleagues cycle to the office.
Our CEO, Akiko Naka, reminding us what matters most - our ‘Why’ and ‘How’ 😌
Were we really in Japan if we didn’t have sushi for lunch and take a photo of it? 🍣
Q&A time to discuss each country’s best practices 🤝🇯🇵🇸🇬🇭🇰
The meeting room where our monthly ‘All-Hands’ sessions are broadcasted from 😍
Tea break! Everyone curiously gathering around the goodies from Hong Kong and Singapore 😋
Fish crackers, kuih bangkit and the iconic red plastic bag makes an appearance—personally air-flown from Singapore 😜
Elisa and Fion sharing a moment in between emails!
Dinner at an Izakaya to wrap up Day 1!
Kicking off Day 2 with our 'All-Hands' meeting before the pool party!
From All-Hands to all smiles as the pool party begins!
I know we said pool party, but sorry no bikini or poolside shots here 🙈 Just delicious grub, drinks, games and fake tattoos in the heart of Shinjuku.
The menu for the night was free-flow drinks and amazing Indonesian cuisine!
Surprise! We also celebrated Wantedly's 10th birthday that night 🎉
Speech by our CEO and a look back at the past ten years.
KANPAI! Raise your glass for a toast led by our CTO, Yoshinori Kawasaki 🥂
Then it was Wantedly Singapore's turn to share all our achievements that you have helped made possible 🤗
Game time! Here's a round of janken (scissors, paper, stone) to decide the trivia winners ✌🖐✊

10 years of Wantedly and this is just the beginning!

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