4 Playlists That Work Better Than Coffee

Hands up if you’re dependent on coffee/tea and music to get you through the nine to five 🙋 While the coffee machine or barista may fail you sometimes, music never does.

Listening to music at work helps to elevate your mood and productivity while you get into the feels and get psyched for the onslaught of deadlines. Music also helps you to keep calm and focus on the task at hand.

The perfect tunes can help transport you from your morning commute to your first meeting of the day, or even accompany you in your quest to finding a job you love.

We love music as much as our people and coffee at Wantedly; you’ll always find one of us with AirPods plugged in, typing away at record speed. Our team in Japan recently had the pleasure to collaborate with a bevy of popular Japanese artists to create tracks that are sure to get you into the zone and focus on work. If you’re interested in these sick beats, check out WANTEDLY on Spotify.

So, we're proud to present Wantedly Singapore’s very own music playlists, with tunes that will help you get through the day better than coffee. Indie, pop, R&B or the classics, there’s something in here for everyone:

When You Need A Mood Booster During Your Morning Commute

If you’re the kind who needs their morning coffee before any form of human interaction, this playlist will help turn your frown upside down 🙁 🙂 😁 Alas, the bus driver or that dude from the 15th floor who held the lift open for you will finally see a smile in the morning.

When You Need to Get In The Zone and Focus

Wanna get through those emails and really get into the grind? Here are some of our favourite jams to block out any distractions or to play as white noise when we’re working from home:

When The Rain Is A Mood

If you're not a coffee person and the rain’s stopping you from getting your bubble tea fix across the street, this playlist is a whole mood. These warm, robust tunes will make you feel all fuzzy and cozy inside. Suddenly, dunking a trusty green tea bag into a steaming cup of water isn’t such a bad idea after all.

When You Need To Dominate Your Day

‘Mind over matter’, they say. But is it really that simple? When the red lip or your lucky socks aren’t enough to summon the boss in you for that all-important meeting/interview, what you need is to channel your inner Beyonce —and these tunes might help. You’ve got this 💪💯

Ready to groove to a new beat? Find a company that sings your tune on Wantedly: sg.wantedly.com

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