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4 Marketing Resolutions to Start Your Mid-Year Right

The time has come #winteriscoming.

We might have made our New Year's resolution in good faith but did we really mean it? Sometimes, we come up with resolutions that we aren't just quite ready for yet (guilty as charged!).

As a marketer, your resolutions might be a little different from others, and that's exactly why we are here to help. Good news, you still have six whole months to turn 2019 around.

If your marketing resolutions are already in the rearview mirror or you’re disappointed with your progress so far, now is the time to act. Start the new mid-year with these upcoming marketing trends and useful marketing tips!

Content is King

Content is the heart of today’s marketing strategies, don’t you agree? Given our social web environment and tech-savvy consumers, getting the right message to the right audienceat the right time is pivotal.

However, the sad truth is most companies (I hope that’s not you) are still too obsessed with talking about their products instead of providing value outside the products/services they offer.

Tip: Besides connecting with you on your social media channels, your audience will most likely subscribe to your newsletter as well. For starters, why not try to avoid sending the same message across every single platform? Instead, consider how these different social media platforms can work together to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to content marketing, quality proves to be an upper hand and makes your brand more relatable in the long run. Oftentimes, most of us are banking on this strategy where we over-optimise bland content just for the sake of doing so. To quote Johnathan Perelman of BuzzFeed, “Content is King, but distribution is Queen and she wears the pants.”

Tip: Create a conversation. We live in the age of transparency and you’d be surprised at how much your consumers appreciate authenticity. Really good content ⁠— especially personable and relatable materials ⁠— can make a positive impression!

Power of Brand Ambassadors

Numerous companies previously relied on celebrity marketing to convince the mass audience that their products or services are worth buying, but consumers are now leaning toward their peers.

For instance, multiple milk powder brands have switched it up from collaborating with female celebrities to their consumers because they (mothers, in this case) trusted other mothers above industry experts.

Tip: Why not leverage on your consumers as brand ambassadors by asking them to share information on your brand to their social networks? Not only will your consumers feel empowered to do the talking, you’ll be able to reach new consumers and maintain your current ones too.

Move over Millennials

Did you know that Gen Z accounts for 30 percent of the Singapore population? That’s eight percent more than the Millennial population. According to Forbes, Gen Z is already on track to become the largest generation of consumers by the year 2020 on a global scale!

Gen Z has been exposed to a diverse world and you’ve probably noticed an increase in young adults standing up on important issues (Think Pride Month, global warming, racial/ethnic diversity and many more). Without a doubt, members of this generation take a brand’s value into consideration more than ever before.

Tip: In order to build a personal connection with your consumers, share your brand’s story and values. Your story makes your company stand out, so why let your brand’s mission and vision statements get buried on an obscure web page that no one ever visits?

Get on the Right Track

If you find yourself sandwiched between those who are drowning in their New Year marketing resolutions or those who’ve given up and decided to reset their resolutions in 2020, take heart. Sometimes all we need to get back on track with our goals is a healthy dose of motivation.

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