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Proudly Inclusive: What We Learned From Proud Spaces 2019

As the month of June draws to an end, so does Pride Month. ❤️️🧡💛💚💙💜

As an ally, I’ve realised that fostering an inclusive environment for the LGBTQ community is not about dressing up in loud rainbow colours for a month, and it’s not enough to just talk about it.

Inclusion is simply a feeling of belonging - you feel safe and comfortable where you belong. And that was one of my key learnings from a panel discussion at Proud Spaces 2019, a signature Pink Fest event that celebrates the LGBTQ community in Singapore.

Presented by Chope, Proud Spaces is an inclusive career fair that was back for its second edition on Saturday (22 June). Besides bringing together over 20 employers in Singapore committed to creating safe and inclusive workplaces, Proud Spaces offered a space for the LGBTQ community to find out who’s hiring, learn about the workplace culture at these companies and gain skills through workshops.

Hundreds of job seekers came down on a sunny Saturday to meet with inclusive employers such as Google, Airbnb, VISA, Carousell, LinkedIn, Citibank and Bloomberg, participate in workshops, and engage in panel discussions. Wantedly is proud to have been one of the employers there too! 😊 Here are some key takeaways from the panel discussion with VISA, Johnson & Johnson, Carousell, Airbnb and The Lo & Behold Group about inclusivity in their organisations.

Bianca Stringuini, Head Inclusion, Community and Wellbeing

“Inclusivity feels like this,'' Visa's Head Inclusion, Community and Wellbeing said with one arm outstretched towards the crowd. “Being around people and being yourself; it’s a feeling, and a safe space where people see you for who you are. Diversity and inclusion is important anywhere and Visa houses its global hubs in Singapore, so it’s important for us to be more inclusive. All types of diversity is relevant in Singapore.”

Johnson & Johnson
Ajeesh Ashraf, Strategic Planning and Commercial Strategy - Medical Devices

“Inclusivity means a deep sense of belonging. If we belong, then we can change the world. Singapore has had an amazing 50 years, and for the next 50 years we need new ideas. At Johnson & Johnson, we never know where ideas come from so we attract them by being inclusive.”

The Lo & Behold Group
Merle Chen, Chief Talent Officer

“Inclusivity is feeling at home and a sense of family. At Lo & Behold, we strive to deliver the same experience to our guests. Diversity is important especially in Singapore context and is fundamental to our heritage and roots. Inclusivity is having a sense of empathy for others; we walk in their shoes and see from their perspective.”

As for us at Wantedly, we’re proud to become a fully registered inclusive business with Be Inclusive this year. At our core, Wantedly is an international business that originated from Japan, with a mission to connect companies and talent based primarily on shared mission and values. With teams in Japan, Hong Kong and Germany, diversity and inclusivity comes naturally for our team.

In line with our vision to create a world where work drives passion, we seek to establish a workplace culture where people are happy with their jobs; motivating them to work hard, which in turn drives personal development and social impact.

We strongly believe in boldness to take initiative, expression of creativity, and taking pride in everything we do. If you like working in a passionate environment full of energy and have the right skills, we would love you to join our team—it’s never about who you love.

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