Intriguing Taglines, Inspiring Tales: From Millennials, To Millennials

Taglines aren’t just for brands or businesses. In essence, it encapsulates who you are, what you’re about, and why people should choose YOU. Think of it as your personal brand.

At Wantedly, we strive to create a world where work drives passion, where employers build their dream teams on mutual values. So, what better way to captivate their attention on your profile than a punchy, impactful tagline?

Earlier this month, we asked you guys to share the story behind your chosen tagline on Wantedly for a chance to win a one-month WeWork membership. TBH, we weren’t expecting to *gasp* at each entry. They were all fantastic reminders to Do What You Love 💖

Here are the three winning taglines and the inspiring stories behind them. Congratulations to our following three winners; they didn’t just win a one-month Hot Desk membership at WeWork (worth up to $600 each), but also unlocked a world of new possibilities, connections and bragging rights to create their life’s work at WeWork’s beautiful workspaces in Singapore 😍

Photo source: WeWork

Jordain Tay

"Never Stop Growing."

In this day and age, where technological advancements run rampant, we live in a world filled with nuclear giants and ethical infants, where viruses know no boundaries and vulnerability is our new reality. It is to my firm conviction that as our societies progress, we have to tailor our skill sets alongside with it. It is never about the money or connections to succeed.

All it takes is pure sweat, hard work and faith to keep hustling and never ever stop learning. It is always about the heart and willingness to outgrow and out-learn everyone else in the room. People are the most important assets. A passion for things can die down but a burning passion and love for people can never ever cease. Business model and product will follow if you have the right people.

I am an ardent and fervent believer of hard work beating talent when talent fails to work hard. I believe it is no sheer luck that the people who work the hardest are often the luckiest. Go hard or go home they said, do things with passion and flair, or simply risk not doing it at all.

Michelle Ang

“If failure is not an option, then neither is success.”

Failure often empowers us. Rather than viewing it as a loss, we can view it as a process to bring us closer to our intended outcomes. Opportunities find those who want to be wanted - people who are skilled and open to opportunities.

Joyce Naomi

“Only dead fishes go with the flow.”

Why? Because I believe that we are all put on this earth to better humanity. If we all accepted the status quo then we'll all still be living in cavemen times. It took someone somewhere to decide that things could be better to have what we have today as a civilization.

Failure isn't when something didn't turn out the way we plan - that's just learning. Real failure is when we don't challenge ourselves. The way to thrive in life is to firstly understand the complexities of our everyday issues and then to work out solutions to counteract them.

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