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Every great story starts with a passionate soul, daring enough to answer the call to adventure and solve a problem. And this is especially true for entrepreneurs.

For Helle Priess, CEO and Founder of Doerscircle, the story of Doerscircle started ten years ago when she decided to leave the corporate world to venture out on her own in pursuit of her dreams. This meant that Helle had to call her long-time insurance provider to switch her policy from a corporate plan to an individual one.

Cue ‘The Problem’; the insurance company did just that, but offered her a new policy that was now priced five times higher than the corporate plan, and for less favourable terms—all because Helle was now self-employed.

Struggling to make sense of the “offer”, Helle checked with other insurance companies and brokers in search of a solution but to no avail. With no choice, paying five times more for insurance was what she had to settle for, and the same goes for other business resources like mobile and software subscriptions.

“It was somehow discouraging to start my own business, take the risk, invest money and then feel like I was almost being ‘punished’ for it. Everything got more difficult and significantly more expensive as an independent, self-employed person,” said Helle.

You Do You

Fast-forward to 1.5 years ago, it was time for Helle to renew the same costly, unfavourable insurance policy. That was when she decided, “If nobody is going to do something about this then I’m going to do something about it.”

By then, the gig economy had started gaining traction and freelancing was on a rapid rise. “I looked a bit more into this and the most conservative figure I could find at the time was 30% of the global workforce was already being self-employed,” Helle shared.

Today, 45% of the global workforce is self-employed, according to World Bank.

And the rest is history. Doerscircle was then established as a member-based platform that provides cross-border healthcare, insurance and business solutions at cost-price, tailored for start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers. With its suite of solutions, the company aims to create a 360-degree support platform for its community of Independent Doers, enabling them to focus on what they do best and at the same time, empower people to take that jump to become independent.

For Doers, By Doers

The revelation that almost half of the world have started working and structuring their lives differently was a massive eye-opener to Helle. Yet, we still live in a world that is, to a great extent, designed by Corporates for Corporates.

Helle explained, “This is a huge gap that’s not just going to go away. It’s a shift in society; a shift in the economy; it’s a shift in the way we’re living our lives and we need different kinds of solutions to meet the needs of these self-employed people—or Independent Doers, as we call them.”

Doerscircle is to freelancers, entrepreneurs and startup owners, what record labels are to artists: An all-encompassing support system that does the heavy-lifting in the background, so that you can strut your stuff, be your own boss and focus on your business. Working directly with service providers, Doerscircle currently offers global in-patient health insurance and a bevy of healthcare solutions such as physiotherapy, general practitioner and annual health checks, with a plethora of business solutions including hot desk passes and company incorporation packages in the works!

As a Doerscircle member, you also get to enjoy a range of lifestyle perks with partner vendors such as Tribe Theory, Common Man Coffee Roasters, A Poke Theory and more.

The Inner Circle

Like the Founder herself, the team at Doerscircle shares the same entrepreneurial spirit and experiences. “We are a team of entrepreneurs ourselves and know what it’s like to leave stability behind and jump into a world full of uncertainty. [We believe that] all resources should be focused on your business instead of wasting money and being distracted,” said Helle.

Frank Maail, Head of Engagement & Community at Doerscircle, had also set up his own company in Singapore last year and went through the hoops of incorporating his own business. Prior to that, Frank built his early career in hospitality and joined the startup scene through a community building project he took up with a tech recruitment firm.

Helle’s unsuspecting LinkedIn invitation for coffee and for Doerscircle’s focus group session got Frank quickly and completely

For Frank, seeing people and businesses grow through the contribution and impact of Doerscircle gives him immense satisfaction. On top of its growing suite of solutions and attractive member benefits, Doerscircle brings Independent Doers together through a series of community events. From panel discussions and fireside chats with inspirational entrepreneurs to accounting workshops, the team is committed to helping Independent Doers understand all the challenges pegged to the world of self-employment; how to establish a company, get the right bank account, credit facilities and tools like Microsoft Office.

“We’re far from transactional. We want to build connections with self-employed Doers and develop solutions based on their needs, so they can always count on us to get the best solutions for their business,” said Helle.

The Core Four

At the core of everything they do, Doerscircle is driven by four main guiding principles: Doer-friendly, transparent, simple and rebellious. Never forgetting their ‘why’, the team constantly recalls their reason to exist at the back of their mind: To serve a huge group of Independent Doers because of the gap in the market.

Which is why they are committed to listening to the needs of Independent Doers and developing tailored solutions that are transparent, simple and sometimes rebellious. They love doing things differently, and don’t mind being thought of as rebellious, as long as it’s with purpose.

As you can imagine, building a company is no easy feat. Getting the right people on board— someone who truly understands the company’s purpose—is therefore especially crucial for Doerscircle’s current team of three. They look at three main qualities while building their core team, along with Helle, Frank and their tech master Jim: a loyal go-getter, and a rebel with a cause. (Bonus points if you’re just as funny as Frank!)

“I recruit people, not skill sets and knowledge,” Helle shared. “When you have the right personality, and with good leaders, I believe that we can grow and learn together. You should find our work really fun, want to be a big part of our journey and have the will to stick around for our success. There are tons of opportunities as our expansion plans will take us globally across Southeast Asia and beyond,” she added.

Are you all about the start-up, freelance and entrepreneurial life? Love what Doerscircle is doing to help Independent Doers? Good news, they are hiring! Click on “Want to Visit” and join this dream team today.

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