The Job Seeking Game Of Hide & Seek You Need To Master

When we look back at the history of job hunting, we’ve gone from classified job ads in newspapers to online job boards and the likes of LinkedIn. However, the job market today is about putting yourself out there and promoting yourself to companies seeking their next great hire.

Job seeking is the ultimate game of hide and seek with a twist—you want to be found. If you want to get discovered by companies, you need to first establish your digital presence then fill it with relevant keywords related to the role you seek—much like search engine optimisation!

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While jobs on LinkedIn favour the experienced and accomplished, Wantedly brings opportunities that are more relevant to today’s burgeoning Millennial talent pool. If you want to be found by the employer of your dreams, optimise your Wantedly profile with these lesser known facts and let it scream, “Ready or not, here I come!” 💪

Get Your 'Occupation’ Right

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Sorting yourself into the right faction on Wantedly is the foremost important step to an effective job hunt. We’ll never know the exact keywords each employer uses in their search for candidates, but there is a preliminary tendency to first filter a candidate pool based on occupation/role.

For example: If you’re a final-year finance student, employers on Wantedly looking for a business/finance executive won’t see your profile within their first round of search if your occupation is set to ‘Other’, instead of ‘Business (Finance, HR etc.)’ on Wantedly.

During our quick and easy registration process, you were asked to pick an ‘Occupation of interest’ (i.e. what you want to do next), and this choice determines the type of job recommendations you will receive from Wantedly.

If the recommendations you have been receiving are not quite right, consider changing your occupation in your profile settings:

  1. Go to the ‘Your Profile’ tab to edit your profile.
  2. Click on the ‘Edit’ button under your Tagline to change your profile info.

3. Select your preferred Occupation.

Scout settings

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It’s 2019. Companies are increasingly practicing active hiring, and one way they seek out the perfect candidate is through Wantedly’s ‘Scout’ function.

We’ve revealed that being active on Wantedly and having a high Wanted score makes your profile ‘scoutable’ by employers on Wantedly. But all your efforts could be for nought if your Scout setting is set to “No Scout” 😱

To fix that, simply activate your preferred ‘Scout setting’ in the dropdown menu just above your Wanted score:

Privacy Please

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While we strongly encourage you to dive deep into your story and share them on your Wantedly profile for employers to see, we know that there are certain things you want employers to know but not everyone else.

We are a social recruiting platform, but that doesn’t mean you can’t control what people see on your Wantedly profile. You decide who gets to see what on each section of your profile. Just update your preferences by clicking on the button beside ‘Edit’.

Now that your profile has come out of hiding, it’s time to seek a job you’ll love: sg.wantedly.com

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