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We’ve heard countless stories by now; of people ditching their cushy corporate jobs and taking a huge pay cut to join—or even start—a business more closely aligned to their personal values.

Here at Wantedly, we believe that work drives passion. When our CEO, Akiko Naka, founded Wantedly in Tokyo back in 2010, her aim was to help match a shrinking workforce to companies based on motivation. We believe that if a company’s values and direction are fundamentally in sync with yours, you’d become more emotionally committed to the company and its goals, and actually care about your work.

Shared values = emotional commitment = job satisfaction

Notice how we don’t reveal salaries and employee benefits in our job postings? Such incentives were born out of the era of paper resumes, and traditional job platforms were set up to match salaries and skills. Wantedly, on the other hand, is reinventing how recruitment functions for the Millennial talent like yourself and employers alike.

Millennials are known to dive headfirst into pursuing a career fueled by meaning, a clear purpose and vision. Which is why we focus on what companies do, how they do it, and most importantly why. Wantedly also gives you the chance to visit companies on more casual terms instead of nerve-wracking rounds of formal job interviews.

Welcome to the reality of hiring in the 21st century: It’s no longer just about matching skills with salaries. To get the most out of your job search on Wantedly, here are our top tips for you job seekers:

Tell your story

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What better way to assess your compatibility with a company than through storytelling? We love storytelling, and our platform is specially designed for you to tell yours. Show employers who you are, how far you’ve come and why you’re seeking this new opportunity.

What sets you apart from every other candidate are the things that make you, well, you; your self-introduction, ambitions, clubs and hobbies beyond educational qualifications and work experience. While these may already be covered in your cover letter, it risks never to be seen by the hiring manager if your profile/resume doesn’t get through the initial screening process 🤷

So, unravel the contents of your cover letter and dissect them into the different sections of your Wantedly profile to tell your story. Go crazy, be creative and create your personal brand that companies simply can’t resist. The more you fill up, the more companies learn about you.

  • If you’re a fresh grad: Share what made you pursue your major, the projects you’ve led and what you’ve learned from the competitions you’ve participated in.
  • If you’re making a career switch: Share what motivated you to take this leap of faith and the steps you’ve taken to prepare yourself for the new role.

PS: Uploading your resume on Wantedly is the bare minimum, so don’t forget to do it on your web desktop!

Check in regularly

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At Wantedly, creating a world where work drives passion is not just our mission, but a movement we’re spearheading. The companies that are hiring on Wantedly believe strongly in our ‘Why We Do’—finding the perfect culture fit—and every day, more companies are getting on board Wantedly’s vision.

Being active on Wantedly helps boost your chances at getting noticed by other companies, even those you’ve never thought of applying to. We have a ‘Scout’ function for employers, where your profile will show up based on your Wanted score and how active you’ve been on the platform.

Here’s how to remain active:

  • Check in on new jobs at least once a week: New companies are hiring on Wantedly every day and we’ve made this mobile-friendly for you, so download our app on the App Store or Google Play to browse jobs on the go.
  • Apply regularly to new opportunities that match your skills and motivations.
  • Read our Feed: New articles get posted every week, giving you an insider’s look into a company’s culture, career advice and more!
  • Connect with friends and have them endorse your skills: Bet you didn’t know that connecting with people who have a higher Wanted score will boost yours 😉 Getting your skills endorsed by others also increases your credibility.

Attend events hosted by Wantedly

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Companies sometimes go beyond the status quo in seeking the perfect new teammate by practising active hiring. This includes organising meetups or networking events to meet candidates like you in a casual setting before inviting you down for the real deal—visiting the company.

Attending such events gives you the chance to position yourself as an active job seeker. Instead of just waiting it out after applying, establishing yourself and networking with a prospective employer is set to give you a leg up in your candidacy.

We also work with industry partners to bring you workshops and events that will help you master new skills and enhance your professional potential. In fact, we started 2019 off with a series of complimentary workshops by General Assembly, and we’ve got so much more in store for the rest of the year! Stay tuned.

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