The Tech Of Tomorrow Is Already Here: Artificial Intelligence In Recruitment

No longer a technology of the future, AI is now a present necessity. Beyond chatbots, its application in managing human capital becomes highly relevant today. Most notably, AI-based recruitment solutions that can think intuitively and make intelligent decisions based on vast data have been cropping up, boosting efficiency in the hiring process.

A recruiter’s best friend

In an interview with The Economic Times, Pankaj Bansal, co-founder of India-based HR consultancy firm PeopleStrong, has seen dramatic improvement in productivity and a 60% increase in revenue with the adoption of AI-enabled recruitment solutions. Before this, PeopleStrong employees took 20 minutes each to sift through and download relevant resumes for a given role. This task is now completed within two minutes.

Other HR tech platforms like Skillate leverages AI to help employers scan and match resumes, while Koru has helped companies like Citibank and Deutsche Bank improve hiring outcomes by automating their online talent screening processes using AI and predictive analytics.

Another great example of how a company is using AI in recruitment is Beamery. The company uses a candidate relationship software to create better, more human relationships with prospective andidates, valuing them like customers.achine learning elements and AI suss out “priority” (passive) candidates and even suggest what times are best to reach out to them, thereby reducing hiring cycles.

Tokyo-listed Wantedly is a social jobs platform where talents and companies can meet based on shared values and vision. It offers a suite of products that leverages machine learning to help enrich the hiring experience for companies and talents. Through their ‘Wantedly Visits’ app, candidates can browse through job postings, engage with and visit the companies that inspire them. Besides the Wantedly Visits app, Wantedly People uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to detect and analyze text on business cards to instantly generate new contacts. The app uses AI to improve the accuracy with which it scans business cards.

What’s next for AI in HR

With AI-empowered tools saving man-hours and increasing headcount efficiently, organizations can spend more time strengthening workplace culture and deliver an amazing employee engagement to attract and retain the best talents. It’s 2019; cognitive technology will only keep learning and growing. What does this mean for HR? A revolutionary age of productivity, work satisfaction and organizational growth will soon be heralded with advancements in AI.

This article was first published on hrtech.sg.

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