Stay ‘woke’: 5 companies and their impactful CSR initiatives

Being a Millennial is more than just being a market or a “difficult demographic”. While our parents and theirs may be loyal to their companies and careers, a millennial’s loyalty lies with their community. We want to do purposeful work, be part of a team and see that our efforts are making a difference in the world.

Simply put, we are the ‘woke’ generation. I can almost hear the Baby Boomers sighing in exasperation, thinking the English language has gone to the dogs. But think about it: “woke” is the past tense of “wake” - Millenials are past the process of waking up. It pretty much means that we are more aware of societal issues and want to be change makers. We now demand our cosmetics to be cruelty-free and are more inclined to seek employment with a company attuned to the needs of the community.

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Millennials are prepared to make personal sacrifices to work with a company committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). From sustainability to inclusivity, and even charitable efforts, here’s how five companies are making an impact with their CSR initiatives and staying woke:

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It’s hard to believe that it hasn’t been a year since Grab entered the food delivery scene in Singapore. Despite that, the company has already won major brownie points when pictures of a wheelchair-assisted delivery-partner, clad in the unmistakable green GrabFood gear, made its rounds on Facebook.

Grab’s commitment to inclusivity gives the differently-abled a chance to be independent and drive the gig economy.


Weaving their CSR strategy as part of their main business, Carousell not only helps customers buy and sell pre-loved items, but champions such environmentally-sustainable practices. Naturally, Carousell’s corporate giving strategy tries to inspire its community towards this vision, demonstrating it through their #AllForFree campaign where sellers were encouraged to give away their items to someone in need.

Carousell also promotes the spirit of inclusiveness by introducing the online marketplace to the elderly and sharing tips on how to be safe online.


In line with its “Belong anywhere” mission, Airbnb has found a way to inculcate philanthropy and employee volunteerism through their global Week for Good programme, where employees have four hours of paid time off each month to volunteer with nonprofits and causes they care about.

In joint collaboration with People’s Association, EZ-Link has introduced various meaningful community initiatives to help the less privileged in our community through its Passion Cares! Fund since December 2012. Recipients of the Passion Cares! Fund include 5,000 low-income families from the various charities endorsed by People’s Association.


Following Burger King, KFC and Resorts World Sentosa, Yakult is the latest in a string of companies in Singapore to stop providing plastic straws in a bid to be more environmentally responsible. Yakult Singapore ended 2018 by announcing that its probiotic milk drinks will no longer come with straws via its Facebook page.

Besides their no straws policy, Yakult has been a longtime supporter of public initiatives and health-related events in Singapore, partnering with organisations like the National Foundation for Digestive Disease (NFDD) and Singapore Cancer Society. Yakult has also sponsored major international and national swimming events. We stan 🙌

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