What we do

WABAG’s water saga spans over ninety years, making it an industry leader today in the field of total water management. With presence in four continents, WABAG is a pure-play water technology multinational offering a wide range of solutions focused on conservation, optimization, recycling and reuse of resources, directed at addressing water challenges across the world.

Why we do

With strong Research & Development and a passion for innovation, WABAG has honed its skills in handling EPC projects of any scale across any sector or region. WABAG has three dedicated R&D centers in Switzerland, Austria, and India, and holds over one hundred patents. We are committed to contributing in a sustainable manner to environmental protection and an enhanced quality of life. This task drives us in the development of new technologies and the ongoing optimization of existing processes with a focus on emerging markets. The company’s key competences, developed over 90 years of plant-building experience, lie in the turnkey execution and operation of water and wastewater treatment plants for both the municipal and industrial sectors. WABAG has a successful track record of executing over 6000 municipal and industrial projects globally with quality and commitment to timely delivery.

How we do

At WABAG, the biggest asset is its human capital with a passion for providing innovative water solutions and has over 2400 professionals as part of its team across the globe. With water emerging as a sunrise sector, WABAG is an Employer of choice for growth aspirants from other industries too. WABAG believes its rapid growth over the last 2 decades is largely attributable to the strong vision it shares with its employees. WABAG practices an open work culture. At the heart of its DNA, lie professional excellence and intensity to succeed. WABAGites perceive that the operational freedom they enjoy is a big motivator for their contribution & performance. WABAG invites talented professionals who aspire to grow fast and be part of WABAG’s contribution towards a water positive world.