What we do

Tumpang (Formerly known as BUSttle) is Malaysia's first flat-rate ride sharing service. We aim to provide affordable, efficient transportation that protects the environment in small enough geographic locations such as neighbourhoods, townships, developments. Tumpang would soon be the service of your choice to go down the road to run that errand ! With a great team on deck Tumpang has launched in Cyberjaya and Taman Tun Dr Ismail, and rapidly expanding it's services to other spots in Malaysia. Stay tuned !

Why we do

The reason to Tumpang is simple. Cost, efficiency and being eco-friendly, Most importantly. You don't have to hustle ! -Green is the new black Reduce your carbon footprint by ride sharing. -Peace of Mind Never have to worry about parking, traffic, etc. Especially if you want to head down the road for a quick errand -Don't Lah Grab that Taxi We promise to pick you whenever a vehicle is available, no tips required and no need for "bidders" -Uber awesome We make travelling in small geographic areas uber awesome, we just want to get you there (and back of course!)