What we do

Tencent enriches the life of Internet users with technology. Through the communication and social platform wechat and QQ to promote user contact, and help them connect digital content and life services, all in a snap of one's fingers. Help brands and marketers reach hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers through efficient advertising platforms. Through financial technology and enterprise services, promote the business development of partners and help realize digital upgrading. We invest heavily in the talent team and promote scientific and technological innovation, and actively participate in the coordinated development of the Internet industry. Tencent was established in Shenzhen, China in November 1998 and listed on the main board of the stock exchange of Hong Kong in June 2004.

Why we do

Value for Users, Tech for Good User value is our guiding principle, we strive to incorporate social responsibility into our products and services; Promote technology innovation and cultural vitality; help industries digitally upgrade; collaborate for the sustainable development of society.

How we do

All are based on user value and integrate social responsibility into products and services; Promote scientific and technological innovation and cultural heritage, help all walks of life upgrade, and promote the sustainable development of society. OUR CULTURE Values Integrity Uphold principles, ethics, openness and fairness. Proactivity Pursue positive contributions, volunteer for responsibility and push for breakthroughs. Collaboration Be inclusive and collaborative, strive to progress and evolve. Creativity Push for breakthrough innovations, explore the possibilities of the future.