What we do

The Curtain Boutique is the leading soft furnishing company in Singapore which specializes in quality soft furnishings such as curtains, blinds, wallpapers, re-upholstery and window films. We are an organization with distinctive track records in commercial, industrial and residential projects. In line with our expansion plans, we are seeking suitably responsible and motivated individuals to join our dynamic team. Awards & Accreditation: BizSafe3, CaseTrust, SPBA Most Promising Brand 2019, ISO9001

Why we do

Being one of the pioneer local curtains and blinds supplier brand in Singapore, the reason why The Curtain Boutique has been able to survive, is because of our simple philosophy of creating our business with our customers at our core. We aim to provide the best quality products at the most affordable price, whilst providing exceptional service to all who walk through our doors. We created our business around our customer and provided laser like focus on finding the best value products for them. At The Curtain Boutique, we truly believe in the importance of having a homely home and we know for a fact, just how much difference it would make with a good quality window furnishing. We want all Curtain Boutique customers to have a peace of mind when they engage us and at the end of it all, we also want them to walk away with a beautiful home and a smile on their face, knowing that they have gotten the best products at the the best value.

How we do

With over 10+ years of combined experience in the industry, The Curtain Boutique has helped fit window furnishing and outdoor balcony solutions to over tens and thousands of Singaporean homes islandwide. More recently, The Curtain Boutique has also been awarded the Most Promising Brand award at Singapore Prestige Awards 2019. The customer always comes first at The Curtain Boutique. The Curtain Boutique aims to provide top notice service standards to all who walk through our doors and our dedication to service standards has seen our people win nation wide awards such as the Excellent Service Award (EXSA) in 2019. We never compromise quality for price at The Curtain Boutique. Our unwavering focus on providing the best quality for our customers has seen The Curtain Boutique obtain our CaseTrust and BizSafe Star accredition year after year. At The Curtain Boutique, our customers can be sure that they are getting the best quality products at the most affordable price range.