What we do

At SWIMTEC Singapore, we believe that everyone should be competent and confident in the water. Besides having a combined swim teaching experience of more than 15 years, our founders have applied their knowledge from their degrees in Sport Science as well as water survival skills honed from the Republic of Singapore Navy to develop a swim teaching programme that covers both technical and survival aspects.

Why we do

FLEXIBILITY At SWIMTEC SG, a schedule is worked out that caters to towards your convenience. HIGH COACHING STANDARDS Our coaches receive regular trainings and appraisal to ensure quality coaching for all our students. INDIVIDUALIZED PROGRAMMES Everyone learns at a different pace. Our coaches will ensure that learning is scalable and progressive for everyone.

How we do

Together with a team of qualified and knowledgeable coaches, SWIMTEC Singapore ensure that swimmers under our guidance should not only move well, but they should also be able to be respond and react to any situations both internally and externally when in the water, hence the motto "Swim Right, Swim Well, Swim Confidently".