What we do

FLUXER is a technology startup that solves energy, wireless communication, carbon economy, social related problems by incorporating researches onto building new hardware mainly in the field of cleantech and IoT inventions. Currently, we are working on a new, inventory product called Solar Resonant 3D Wireless Charger that serves to wirelessly charge all Electrical and Electronic devices using solar energy as main power source with a radar charging distance of 6-8 meters. Embracing Science via entrepreneurship is our mission and creating a multi-planetary world whilst caring for the future of power! This is our company official website: www.fluxer.strikingly.com Do drop us an email on any concerns or interest of being a global part of FLUXER!

Why we do

We believe in Science tackling or eradicating real life problems via new inventions and technologies. We are majored onto implementing new fundamental researches onto solving global problems primarily in the field of cleantech, energy, carbon economy and IoT. We do so to conserve the planet and provide a platform for multi-planetary world whereby to advance the human revolution.

How we do

We are each emphasized in engineering, software, programming, designing and marketing background. Our objective is mainly condensed onto building viable projects onto developing the undeveloped world through providing a better future via renewable or clean energy. Our mission is to enable a smart city ecosystem through harnessing the environment.