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#SingaporeShowcase – Spark Systems

In this modern society, the financial market has played a huge part and with technology disrupting the scene, Spark Systems aspires to be one of the major stakeholders.

We are a new generation deep tech foreign exchange trading platform. We focus on advanced algorithms to achieve speed, competitive smart pricing, low rejection rates for our clients at low transaction costs.

We are backed by an MAS grant, with private investments from venture capital; Vickers Venture Partners, Jubilee Capital, FengHe, Goldman Sachs and Dymon Asia Ventures. Winning first place in our category at the MAS FinTech Festival in 2017 was a recognition of Spark taking the right steps in building its foundation. We have focused largely on Asia since inception and have started to set our sights on Europe and US in 2019. In fact, we have already onboarded our first European and US clients earlier this year.

If you want to know more, feel free to check out the following link: http://www.sparksystems.sg/media-press-room/

Be more than an employee

As a young startup, we recognize the world is changing so fast and want to convey that excitement to people both inside and outside the company that we value that change and are constantly looking for improvement in all ways. We want you to be more than our employee so we offer lots of opportunities to do different things in the company and our people have the opportunity and flexibility to grow with us.

For startups, camaraderie is key as we are creating new things from nothing, and change is constant. Therefore, a “we are in it together” culture and mindset help us to get through the cyclical high-pressure phases which are common in high-growth companies.

Investment is not simply about money

We invest in our people in terms of training (on both business and technical skills). Many startups do not have time to train amidst the multitude of priorities before them. One might get some immediate productivity in the short term, however, this usually slows down the in the mid to long term.

This happens when employees do not have the knowledge or skills to cope with ever-growing responsibilities. We groom and mentor our people to help them manage their role when the company headcount increases, we believe in the saying “when you take care of the people, they will take care of your customers”.

We are committed to instilling a sense of belonging and purpose because we believe only fulfilled individuals are able to unleash their greatest potential, and you could be one of us!

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