What we do

The Spanish Council of Singapore was established with the goal to expand the knowledge of the Spanish language and culture in Singapore. Our board members are all distinguished professionals in their field. They ensure the stability of the project and are responsible to transmit the goals of the organisation. Our large team of Spanish teachers are all native from Spain or Spanish speaking countries and hold a degree or master as a Spanish teacher.

Why we do

The Spanish Council of Singapore promotes the Spanish language and culture in the country. It organises Spanish classes for all ages and levels. The Spanish courses are in a small group setting. Students are separated by age and level. On top of that the organisation prepares events related to the promotion of the Spanish culture and traditions such as concerts, movie screenings or get together events. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world by native speakers. It is our mission to promote the Spanish language and culture.

How we do

The Spanish Council of Singapore has four main pillars: 1. Experienced, qualified and motivated team of professionals to support the organisation. 2. Teaching Spanish in Singapore via small group Spanish lessons, strictly limited to 3-6 students per class. We consider that in order to successfully learn a new language it is essential to learn in a small group environment. 3. High comprehension of different the teaching techniques and the Spanish syllabus to teach efficiently. 4. Promote the Spanish culture in Singapore with the coordination of events that represent Spain and its traditions.