What we do

Welcome to Spacemob, a vibrant co-working concept dedicated to helping you bring your vision to life. Our philosophy is that space is always what you choose to make of it–because we don't just provide you with a desk. Our team of diverse, fun-loving (and still hardworking) individuals work round the clock to create an ecosystem of tools and people, where we take care of the groundwork so that your business can flourish. That way, you focus on what you do best, and we take care of the pesky little details that take time away from your core business but are so necessary to get sorted. Treat Spacemob as the starting point of your business, where we're endlessly building proprietary tools like our Member Matching platform, so that you meet the right people and get the advice you need to take your business to the next level. At Spacemob, we encourage and support you to augment your business, and scale it to the heights of your imagination. If a challenge that requires you to step out of your comfort zone and dream as big as we do, we would love to hear from you!

Why we do

Most recently, Spacemob closed a record US$5.5m seed funding round led by Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia, and is the largest seed funding round figure ever recorded in Southeast Asia. ### When our CEO, Turochas "T" Fuad saw that the co-working space industry is becoming highly cluttered, he thought that the chaos is actually a business opportunity. He founded Spacemob in October 2016 and decided to make a difference by giving out access to training courses and other benefits like healthcare, payroll-processing and corporate travel discounts. "We are a co-working space with a difference. We go beyond providing a desk, in-house amenities and networking opportunities, to giving our members the tools they need to take their business to the next level". Spacemob is a concept dreamt up by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and we are excited to have you join us on our adventure of bringing bold visions to life! We are a team of individuals committed to building foundations for individuals and businesses to bring their visions to life. At Spacemob, we build foundations for businesses by providing space, technology, and connections. By laying down the groundwork, companies can thrive with purpose. You will always be the centre of what we do. That is why we’re focused on being a platform for ecosystems to develop, so companies can build upon each other’s successes. This is our promise, which we take seriously and put all our energy into.

How we do

We are more than just a co-working space! Spacemob is all about helping our members build their business foundations: 1) Access to Spacemob Community Join Spacemob events, meetings with industry leaders, and networking events, to develop your business further. You’ll also get to be a part of the Spacemob community online, which matches you with people as passionate as you are. 2) Value added services Services are being continuously added to keep your eyes on your work. From IT, finance, operations, and back office support, you’ll find something to help make things easier for you. 3) Regional access As Spacemob expands, your membership gets you access to offices in the region, with the services to match. Take your business regional, and build it on a fuss-free foundation. We are about to open two Spacemob sites in Singapore and Jakarta come 1Q17. The plan is to have 30 Spacemob sites across Asia Pacific within the next 36 months. And soon to launch is a members’ directory that provides an in-depth profile of each member and the services they offer and seek - this will be key to fostering collaboration and innovation. Finally, the team are in the process of developing RFID-tracking technology to maximise space efficiency.