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■自己紹介 Self Introduction

SMALL WORLDでテックリクルーターをしていますHadijaと申します。

I’m Hadija, Tech Recruiter here at SMALL WORLD inc.
I'm Filipino-Japanese and I can speak 5 languages! Or at least I try to. My mother languages are English and Filipino. I can speak Japanese and I’ve been learning Korean and French too. Feel free to talk to me in different languages!

■SMALL WORLDへ入社する前 Before joining SMALL WORLD

I was a very timid person and thus, it was very hard for me to communicate well with people. However, realizing the importance of communication, I worked on improving this throughout the years.

I grew up having to move a lot so I had to be flexible and adaptable to changes. I tried learning several languages too. I took up international studies and diplomacy which really requires having great, effective communication and people skills.

I also joined Muay Thai back in university which allowed me to gain confidence and courage to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Furthermore, I first started out my career as a Relationship Manager for a Singapore-based e-commerce education company back in the Philippines. This really strengthened my communication skills and through this experience, I discovered that I enjoy meeting new people, getting to know them, and helping them out.

With my experiences, I always challenged myself to take on new experiences and knowledge.

■SMALL WORLDへ入社するきっかけ

I returned to Japan after some time in the Philippines after my graduation. Moved here with many doubts and uncertainties on whether I can create a career for myself here.

I wanted to stay in Nagoya but also wanted an environment where I could still use my English language skills. I knew it would be difficult given my short experience and that these kinds of opportunities in Nagoya aren’t easily available.

Wanting to be in a career I wanted for myself, I had to keep looking for several roles that would align with what I wanted. I came across a job posting and thankfully, Small World gave me an opportunity to work with the team and allowed me to show my potential.



It has always been a goal of mine to help people! When I saw the company mission, it really intrigued me. I truly believe that the world is becoming increasingly connected and to be able to help create an environment for people to have equal opportunities, I definitely wanted to be a part of this.


I expected a rigid working style and environment but contrary to that, it was actually quite the opposite. We were given the chance to explore and try things in our way. We were allowed to try out new things and find out what works for us through these experiences.


I want to keep on meeting new people and helping create opportunities for people to grow their career as well as experiences and skills!

There is so much to learn especially in the IT industry. After learning about the different technologies, someday I would like to learn those technologies myself too.

This is just the beginning of my journey in living my big crazy dreams!


The team is really diverse so it would be really great to be able to work with people who can be open to such environment. If you like trying out new things and challenging yourself, Small World just might be for you.

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