What we do

The Scott Vickers Group was first established in Singapore in 1985 with the formation of Scott Vickers Pte Ltd (SVS), primarily specialising in the sale of foundation drilling equipment. Its counterpart in Malaysia, Scott Vickers Sdn Bhd, (SVM) was formed in 1993 in Kuala Lumpur, not only offering similar products as those offered in Singapore, but also commenced a small manufacturing operation producing GROUTEC grouting equipment. Scott Vickers Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (SVMfg) was registered soon after in 1999. Scott Vickers Environmental Pte Ltd (SVEnv) was formed in 2005 primarily to offer rental of the well known CLEARTEC wastewater treatment equipment, produced and sold not only in Singapore but also overseas by SVS and manufactured in both Singapore and Malaysia. The Scott Vickers Group’s range of products comprises of: - CLEARTEC construction site wastewater treatment equipment - GROUTEC grouting equipment - SV Waterproofing materials We are also a distributor for the following product ranges in selected countries in S.E Asia - Automatic Wheel Washers - Dust Suppression Equipment - Foundation Drilling Equipment - Concrete Canvas Flexible Impregnated Fabric

Why we do

Committed to preserving and improving the environment, Scott Vickers continues to focus product innovation and quality excellence with emphasis on partnership and co-operation to achieve high customer satisfaction.

How we do

We are the manufacturer & supplier of specialist construction equipment and materials for projects around the world. Diversified products and designs enable us to provide our customers worldwide with the most suitable and effective construction solutions for their specific requirements.