What we do

Neuron Mobility was founded in Singapore in 2016 by our CEO Zachary Wang and CTO Harry Yu. After expanding into other parts of Southeast Asia, the company quickly refocused to concentrate on Australia and New Zealand where it is now the leading rental e-scooter company and micromobility technology developer. We currently operate in ten locations across Australia and New Zealand, and recently launched in our first UK town. Our distinctive orange e-scooters are designed in-house and manufactured specifically for renting and for safety. Building them to a commercial standard means they perform better, and last significantly longer than off-the-shelf models. Designing our own e-scooters has allowed us to be one of the industry leader when it comes to safety and sustainable operations. As a result, we have innovated an impressive number of world-first and pioneering features.

Why we do

Our Mission We partner with cities to connect people and places in a safe, convenient and fun way. Vision We are driven to help the world build a more prosperous and sustainable future through new ways of moving and connecting. WHAT SETS US APART? Partnering with Cities We partner with cities and continually shift and adapt to meet their needs. We regard Councils as our most important customers and believe they appreciate our approach of delivering bespoke solutions. Commitment to Safety Safety is at the heart of everything we do and this includes how we design, build and operate our products. Our latest N3 e-scooters and EB-1 e-bikes are equipped with a range of world-first safety features and pioneering innovations. Technology Leadership We made a decision early in the company’s history to design our own e-scooters specifically for renting and safety. We also innovated the system that manages them. This is why we lead the e-scooter industry, particularly when it comes to safety.

How we do

These are Neuron’s Values: 1. Make it happen 2. We are driven by results, make commitments with integrity, and consistently make an impact. 3. Be proactive 4. We take ownership of tasks that help us build sustainable growth. 5. Trust facts over opinions 6. Whenever possible, we make the logical choice based on data and known truths. 7. Stay curious 8. We embrace the habit of asking questions, challenging assumptions, and revisiting convictions. 9. Do more with less 10. Profit allows us to continue serving our users. We must be efficient and resourceful.