What we do

RIDA (Real-time Immediate Delivery Aggregation) is an AI-powered logistics solution where we support businesses who requires on-demand deliveries. Save more on delivery with our latest "pool" function where you batch your goods with other similar goods. Rida uses real-time aggregation network of users’ deliveries at scale, providing access to high availability, efficient, and cost-effective same-day deliveries.

Why we do

We want to help business owners power their customer's delivery experience. We also provide solutions in the areas of nearest driver, cheapest price on-demand logistics ordering, single-balance, single-tracking interface for multiple logistics partners as well as cloud logistics dashboards. Our Unified Platform Multi-Provider Availabilities - Choosing our solution to integrate with grants businesses multiple fleets rather than being locked-in into an on-demand providers’ peak periods or lack of rider availability. Delivery Windows API - We provide a simple API for delivery windows, 1-hour, 2-hour (e.g. 4-6pm), account for provider fleet availabilities for each window, and provide cost savings from window-batching. Customised Workflows - We have built and can provide customised workflow solutions such as delivery instruction slips for drivers to sign and custom labels for printing and sorting orders by drivers. Single API Order & Rider Tracking - Integrate with one API to solve providing your customers with Driver Location, Driver Contact, Order History and Payment Transactions from multiple providers.

How we do

We aim to reduce driver unreliability, reduce delivery cost and increase operational productivity.