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What we do

Quokka Reward is named after Quokka being branded as the “the happiest animal on earth” and it represents Quokka Reward’s underlying mission – to bring happiness to the workplace.

Why we do

Quokka is created to tackle problems of high staff turnover, low staff morale and low sense of belongings in the local businesses, especially in the smaller companies lacking resources to compete talents with larger corporations.

How we do

Quokka recognition and rewards platform aims to help companies ramp up their employee benefits programme at an affordable cost, plus introducing a gamification system to encourage specific corporate behaviours through sending out appreciative badges and Quokka tokens to coworkers for perks redemption. We link employees’ happiness to productivity through our milestones option, which employees could enjoy more add-on perks when they achieve certain milestones for the company or individually, hence creating a lively workplace. Quokka also enhances the satisfaction of workplace with unbeatable corporate discounts, liaising with a network of merchants which are also committed to building a happier recognition and rewards ecosystem over the reliable and efficient blockchain network with the vision of building a universal loyalty programme.