Working at Quikbot - a human-centred robotics company!

Photo by Guo Xin Goh on Unsplash

Quikbot Technologies is breaking new ground in revolutionising deliveries in urban spaces through the use of robots and various IOT devices. Our fleet of robots are designed to provide efficient, fuss-free and cost effective delivery solutions to offices and buildings through our proprietary cloud platform.

In order to continue to be the leader in this field, we a focused on a human-centred values approach in our organisation!

Drive to Pursue

Work in Harmony

Work in synchrony

"Working at Quikbot, a firm that works closely with robotics, was probably most enjoyable due to human aspect. Being patiently taught and shown things that was beyond what was needed to do the work helped me greatly expand my knowledge on not just the robotics side, but the logistical and business side of running a cutting-edge tech startup.”

We are rapidly expanding, focused on product, design, engineering targets as well as logistics fulfilment and retail operations following our successful launch. Growing partnerships, and extending relationships will be next in line, and we provide international exposure through overseas deployment as well.

We invite you to connect with us to understand our values better for alignment with your professional goals and development!

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