What we do

Founded in 2013, Qanvast (pronounced as ‘canvas’) is a regional interior design platform for homeowners passionate about their home design, with offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. We have connected over 10,000 homeowners with 200+ trusted interior designers, and provide inspiration and know-how on all things home.

Why we do

Qanvast's vision is to simplify the home renovation journey. Our purpose is to inspire and educate homeowners, and to bring transparency and trust to the home renovation industry. Make it home with Qanvast. Whether it's a sanctuary nestled away from the hustle and bustle of city life, a party pad where the nights are always young, or a child-friendly crib to start a family, your dream home is within reach.

How we do

From dreaming up the craziest ideas to connecting with homeowners and interior designers with a human touch – these three values sum up what powers Qanvast in our day-to-day. TRUST We believe in believing in one another, and we take pride that we can always expect the best from every team member whilst delivering on what we promise. When the going gets tough – we’ve got each other’s backs; and when there’s a major win – we celebrate together. INSPIRATION We know that the best ideas often come from the most random and unlikely of places. So, we seek to create an environment that fuels a mind for creativity and inspiration. Think open discussions, a platform that welcomes experiments and a culture that rewards discovery, provides flexibility and freedom. EXPERIENCE The usual, 9-to-5 daily grind isn’t us. We pride in having a working experience that also focuses on delivering infectious enthusiasm and fun - because we understand that people perform the best when they enjoy the work they do.